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Bambicrony Elves Roko/Kumi v.2

Nov 7, 2007

    1. They're back! The Bambicrony elves! They didn't do another Pepe though, I guess they didn't do as well.
    2. They've been discussing them in the main Bambicrony 25cm Discussion thread in tinies. I wouldn't have expected them to re-release Pepe this time. This is the first time they have re-released normal/white skin elves. I think Kumi and Roko elves may have been the first elves they ever sold, so they've been unavailable the longest.

    3. They only sold them last year, not even a year ago. I dont understand why they would release them without Pepe.
    4. So much for limited... :)
    5. I really, really want a pair of those wings!

      Oh, and I think they justifying the re-release by the fact that the skin tones are "different colors". I.e. floral white, and peach puff are the two colors offered, even though I'm sure they are just white and NS. :sweat Or maybe not...
    6. The new floral white is actually different though I'm fairly certain the peach puff is the same as the old natural skin. Maybe they had people complain about how the old white skin was so similar to the regular? Skin aside they also have different wings (which can also be ordered separately but you pay more) and a new faceup- if you order it. : /
    7. They are still being released for a limited time period. they are not making them available all the time, so are still limited, just not as limited as they were.
      As there are more people finding the hobby/obession all the time, the percentage of those who want vs how many are available likely wont change that much.
    8. In case anyone hasn't seen them yet, the new wing colors are now shown on the 'Customer Gallery' page. The smoke black is really nice!
    9. Coolers, thanks for the head's up!