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Bambicrony Fairy Kiera - Cancelled Orders Available for Purchase

Sep 8, 2008

    1. Hey folks,

      Just a note to let you know that Bambicrony has Ltd. Ed. Fairy Kieras available for sale for a limited time due to canceled orders. If you want to make a purchase, they are available for selection and placement in your shopping cart as of the time I write this.
      Here's the notice on their site:

      Title: - Cancelled "Fairy Kiera" For Sale -

      If you missed a chance to purchase our "Fairy Kiera" last time,
      I have good news for you.

      You can purchase the remains of Fairy Kiera" due to cancellations.

      ¡á Date :
      Sep 5th, 2008

      ¡á Quantity :

      1 Lightpurple skin
      2 Lightpink skin
      -4 Lightcyan skin
      -3 Skyblue skin
      -2 Peach Puff skin
      -3 Floral white skin

      Thank you very much.

      -Bambi Crony-