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Bambicrony "General" Face-up Quality?

Nov 2, 2007

    1. I plan on ordering a Bella Bambi Marianne here in the next month or so, but my friend who purchased a Bambicrony Lotti over the summer and had a bad expirence with her girls "general" face up chipping within two days worth of arrival has warned me that this is a common thing and I should be very careful if I want to get a default face-up form the company.

      So what I'm asking is what have been your expirences with BambiCrony's General face-up's in terms of quality and holding up? I want to know whether its worth saving up the extra $35 or if I should just commission someone on DOA.
    2. I have an elf Lotti and elf Gun with default face-ups and have had no problems with them. I play with them a lot and haven't seen any flaws or chips.
    3. They are very nice faceups but the unless they have some new paint colors the lower lashes are near-invisible on normal skin. But if you look at the lower lashes with a magnifying glass they are gorgeous fine lower lashes, and lots of them.

      Also I don't like is that my girl's dark "smile" lines in the corners of her mouth angle downward, giving her a bit of a scowl. I would have preferred no lines, but I got her secondhand. If I ever buy one new, I will try to request no dark lines in lip corners.

      Bambicrony Ciao Bella Elf Pepe normal skin with basic faceup - her name is "Bree":

    4. i have an elf gun and an elf kumi with the basic face-ups and they haven't chipped (and i've handled my kumi a lot, she is in my purse all the time) and they still look really nice.
    5. I have played quite a bit with my elf cookie, I have even added to her face up. Its still intact and in perfect condition. I am really pleased with it.
    6. Any more opinions? ^_^
    7. Gaz is a basic face from the first run of elves last year.

      He's got a section out from his lower lashes but that's more from my caustic skin grease (I can pit hematite just by holding it) than anything else. I try not to touch him there but every time I changed his eyes, I hit him in the same spot. At least now he's got eyes in I won't change so it shouldn't get any worse.
    8. Here are a bunch of Bambicronies (in the Bambcrony database) and most list who did the faceup (Bambicrony/default, Viya, self, or other faceup artist). You'll notice that most have darker eyebrows - not sure if the light ones my girl got were a Pepe thing or if they usually do them lighter now.


    9. I just want to say thanks to everyone, I don't know why my friend's lottie chipped the way she did..and It really worries me because the humidity in Houston is terrible and I think that may be part of it. I'm still going to order a default face-up and remember to coat her really well first thing.
    10. Just FYI - a thread of someone who recoated their Bambicrony and had problems...


      (you probably know this, somebody else might not)

      But it does sound like improper use. Recoating a newly received faced-up doll's head safely requires removing the eyelashes, all eyelash glue, eyes, putty. Even then, the face could have finger oils on it from handling at Bambicrony, postal inspections, or from you. So you'd probably have to wash the face to be sure of that (and hope it was sealed well) and then thoroughly dry. Then wait for the right weather for spraying outside (dry, no wind, over 65F I think), and do that correctly. After drying, previously glossed areas need to be reglossed, eyelashes reapplied (possibly with new eyelashes), and eyes reinstalled.

      Maybe instead, try asking in the Bambicrony Discussion thread how you can make special faceup requests for a basic faceup. I think it is possible - maybe you could ask them to seal your doll's face an extra time.

    11. Thats actually my friend there in that thread. We cleaned her removed her eyelashes and coated her and her face-up which was chiped. In a few days the chipping worsened and the face-up was irreparable I had the same problem with I Si I got a long, long time ago. so its not uncommon..its something to do with houston weather and face-up's just not working. I've always re-coated my dolls face ups now be them form artist or a company and I've had no problems since.
    12. I have seen a new elf Gun with the basic faceup. It came in one of my group orders. It looked very well done. I did not notice any quality problems and I was looking for them specifically. I did not handle the faceup at all on general principals, so I cannot say if it was very well sealed or not, but the owner has not mentioned any problems at all.
    13. My Elf Lotti has the general faceup and I think its very pretty. I haven't had any chipping problems or anything. It seems to be of very good quality to me too.