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Bambicrony Kiera and Charity

Mar 18, 2009

    1. Hey there I guess this is really going to determine my decision as I do love both very very much... I was wondering if I could see owner pictures of them both. I was also wondering if bamicrony offers layaway..??
    2. I have a lavendar Kiera on the new body. As far as I'm aware, BC does not do layaways.

      Miss Wysteria

      She's in the center here, compared with two LSG older BC dolls
    3. Bambicrony makes some really cute dolls~

      sorry, that didn't really help did it? xD I just wanted to jump in and say they're adorable so, maybe you should get both!?
    4. Thank you both. After awhile of decision making and asking my boyfriend his opinions and such I decided on a very cute tan Charity. I am so excited for her to come! They also have a layaway which helps a lot too.
    5. Oooh! Tan Charity! Good choice!

      You definitely have to post pictures once she gets there~