bambicrony Kumi Boy!

Jan 3, 2007

    1. Can i see some picture of bambicrony Kumi BOY
      does YoSD clothes fits to bambicrony dolls?
      and what size wig and shoes do they wear?

      sorry about random question :sweat
      thank you so much!
    2. The bodies are asexual so it can either be a boy or a girl depending on how you dress them. >^^<

      And YoSD clothe fit BC dolls but I heard they're a bit loose, I believe they're a picture of an elf wearing the sailor outfit from volks in the gallery now.

      The head size is 6.2 inches so a 6/7 inch wig should work. xx' I'm not to sure though, I just made a wig for mine. xx'

      Hope I helped!
    3. Thanks suppi!
      i knew that they have asexual bodies but i just wanted to see some picture of kumi boy :D
      you're reply helped me a lot!!
    4. Oh okay! lol I'm glad that I was of some help though. >^^<''
    5. Ah, when my sleepy Kumi comes at the end of January it'll be treated as a boy. ^^;
    6. YAY more BC boys!

      The Volks sailor suit is indeed wide on Gaz. The trousers fit well enough and the shoes fit fine. I also have to say 6/7 wigs are a bit big. Try to find a 6 or the wig will eat his whole head.
    7. Where can you find a size six wig that's boyish? I cannot find one! ARGH!
    8. My friend recently got in a tanned Elf Kumi and made it a boy, there are pics here.

      And the Bambicronys are slimmer and slightly taller than YoSDs so clothes will be baggy on them.
      (The hat Set is wearing was made by another friend for her Yos but was too tight, it fits perfectly on Set!)

    9. Oh beware size 6 wigs
      Bambi has a very small head , its more 5 ..5.5

      I make tibetan ,
      but I also have CanCan wigs and the Lati Yellow wigs fit my Bambi Charity lovely

      size 6 are Unoa /Narea size and they are HUGE on my Charity
    10. If you can find size 6 its best 5 might be too small. 6/7 is okay I think, my Suzunas' wigs fit her well so hopefully all sdc would fit since they have boyish styles. I think Global dolls sells size 5 wigs that fit them well, but size 6 its also okay from them. BC sells dollspart which fit great but they have much of a boy selection.
    11. Thanks everybody for your help!
      you guys helped me a lot :)
      thanks a lot!
    12. Actually Gaz is wearing a miniworld 7/8 so that shows you how small those things run. Illya wears a 6/7 and her Leekeworld wig ate his head. The cancan 6/7 was big as well.

      I'm trying some kemper ones next.
      And I'd wondered about the Lati yellow. Good to know, cheers!
    13. Yeah, I was going to suggest Monique wigs, they seem to be very good with their sizes. They do quite a few boy styles, as well.

      Also, Kumi as a boy is SO cute!