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Bambicrony-new dolls & one+one event

Jun 8, 2006

    1. That's an awesome deal. Does it only apply if you purchase Roko or Kumi though? Or do we purchase any doll, and THEN get to choose a Roko or Kumi head? n_n
    2. Jules, I was fiddling around with a mock shopping cart, and if you look at the options under any doll *cough I chose Lotti >_>;;*, then the choice is there for "Event Head Roko" or "Event Head Kumi".
    3. Oh, thanks Claudia. n_n That makes a lot of sense.
    4. does anyone know if the first 30 has been done?
      i see the option for head on each doll's page, but i wonder if its there just by default. hate to order and find out one isn't getting...
    5. The event is still on
      8 more heads are left right now
      meanz u'll get extra head when u see the option for head on das page


    6. is what the one+one offer is valid also if one bought a bambicrony on the luts site?
    7. did anyone order a doll during the one+one event?
      if yes, did you get your doll yet? please let me know because, i ordered on june 6 and have not received mine yet :-( just wondering if anyone has received their order. thanks!
    8. I ordered mine on June 8, and she arrived (with extra head, yay!) within the last two weeks -- hopefully yours will be here in the coming week :>

      (Sorry I can't give you an exact date for her arrival, she showed up while I was on vacation, and my husband signed for the package)

      Did you order a face-up? My girl/s are blank, so if you did order a face-up, yours might take a little longer.

      Eee! She's so cute! I can't wait to see my girls complete with face-ups now!

      -- Andi <3
    9. I did the one+one... well, my mom did... for Christmas... so I won't get to see them for six months... *waaaa* I'm getting a white skin Lotti and a normal Kumi head.
    10. Ashbet, thanks for letting me know you received your dolls :-D Yay and congrats! I ordered mine with face-up and that could be the hold up. I've posted my question on their site but no one has answered my question yet :-(

      crybabygirl777, the wait for Christmas will be totally worth it :-D Lotti and Kumi are both so cute.
    11. Just thought I'd make note of it here: Bambi Crony has two new dolls on their site Gun and Vin. (adorable!) There's also a sweet Full Set Kumi, and they're doing a new event with a special limited head called "Charity". There aren't any pics of the new head yet, but I think I saw there will be Monday. (I think the new event goes until August 11 or so.)

      Yes, I check the website every single day. :)
    12. What size are these dolls? I don't see it on the site.
    13. they're yo sd size ^^
    14. Thanks, so they'd fit Cutie clothes. Are they asexual in body or are they sexed?
    15. omg, i want cookie! also, it says on the pics of the dolls that the makeup is by ViYa, but i can't pay 100 for a faceup, that's too much. are their any pics of the general faceup? gah, i need a job!
    16. I'm pretty sure that they're asexual dollies, at least from what I can tell looking at the body available on the website. and that all the face-ups shown on the website are done by ViYa (there's a link to her website on there somewhere, she has some adorable clothes!). The two new ones look more like boys to me though (I :aheartbea Gun). At least in the way they're dressed.
    17. i'm still sorta confused. when you go to a doll, example, cookie, you go to the makeup option and choose either general makeup or by viya. when you go down to see what brand of clothes or wigs the doll is wearing it says makeup by viya, i was just wondering if they have pics of the general makeup that costs 55, not makeup by viya that costs 100. that's all, thanks!
    18. oh, i'm sorry i wasn't more clear. i am pretty sure that they do not have pictures of a general face-up on their website. i'm not affiliated with them at all, just a fan. as far as i can tell all of the face-ups pictures are ones done by ViYa (and a lot of the clothes they show their dolls in as well.).

      maybe you could email them about it? i think they have a little forum as well.

      i hope this helps!
    19. oh ok, i think i'll wait until i see luts pics i guess, 100 dollars is just a bit toooo much for me!