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BAMBICRONY New Release Schedule & Get a PingPing! June, 2009

Jun 4, 2009

    1. [​IMG]


      ● NEW Brava Bambi June & J-Na ●

      Date / June, 08, 2009. AM10(Korea time)

      50 Worldwide Limited Edition
      Faceup by Harang, Dress Designed by Rollingdoll
      Skin : Peach Puff
      Boy's body
      Height :43cm

      50 Worldwide Limited Edition
      Faceup by Harang, Dress Designed by Rollingdoll
      Skin : Floral white
      Girl's body
      Height :43cm


      ● Get a PingPing! ●

      Date / June, 08, 2009. AM10 ~ June, 30, 2009.

      Get Pingping free with any purchase over $450* Limit one per customer.

      Thank you for your interest and love.

    2. Is everything pictured included?
    3. June 2009
      Date of sale : June.8, 2009(AM10-kct)
      50 Worldwide Limited Edition

      ■ Basic Description
      -JUNE(Boy's body / Peach puff skin / already assembled)
      -Oval glass eyes 18mm (random color)
      -Default box

      ■ options(Customers can choose options)
      -It will cost extra.

      1.Wig(limited edition)
      2.Enchanted Eye E-D no.43(This is used in promo image.)
      3.Outfit set(limited edition)
      4.Boots(limited edition)
      5.Sun glass(limited edition)
      6.guitar(Bullseye White 1/4,Strap,Stand)
    4. Wanted to ask this again since it wasn't answered,

    5. It is Special Edition doll and will not be available as basic edition.

      Thank you.
    6. oooh J-Na is absolutely adorable!

      and just to be clear on the layaway its 30% deposit then another 30% and then 40% right? and can you pay it off sooner then three months? (like finish in two months?)
    7. Can we just order the outfit or do we have to purchase the doll in order to get the outfit?
    8. Hello, everyone!

      Good news for all our customers who haven't had a chance to get free Pingping yet.

      Bambicrony's free Pingping Event will be extended to July 20th, 2009.

      Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your participation.
    9. I have questions about the SP07 shoes in this June event. When does the pre-order end? Are they made of real wood? Will you post pictures of the other colors?
    10. Hi!

      The heels of SP07 shoes are made of read wood. They are much more sophisticated in real life than in picture.:)

      Although the pre-order period for SP07 shoes is already over, you may place an ordinary order for them now.

      We'll post pictures of red and white leather shortly.

      Thank you.
    11. Hi again. So this means they are not limited? I will keep an eye out for those pictures. Thank you :)

    12. These are SP07 in other colors.;)

    13. Do you have pictures of this new size with no clothing on? body shots :)