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bambicrony or other hands on dollzone BB?

Feb 27, 2007

    1. Can it be done? I am ordering a set of twins this week from featherfall (Ani & Jing, ordered seperately because you cant mix and match on featherfall! :( )

      Anyways from the comparison pictures I have seem so far, thier hands look enormous! I think it would look nicer with smaller bambicrony hands. Does anyone have both that they can see if they fit? I am orderin in whiteskin so I think the resin will be close enough no to notice when dressed in long sleeves :)

      Someone please tell me this is possible!

      EDIT: or any other hands from same sizeish doll
    2. mhhh you have given me an idea

      I love my little girl ...its not her hands I dont like ...I love those ,and the body , she poses like a dream

      its the tiny feet
      its almost like they cut the tops of the toes :...( they are so short and stumpy
      and its bugging me ...I knit her some socks ...so they look nicer now

      ...I wonder if Leeke /BC sell feet ...and would they fit ???

      wondering now

      I have BC and my DZ . So I will try the hands for you
    3. OMG ...Leeke do feet ...dashes off to see if anyone is doing a group order
    4. Actually BoneBagz, we do allow MixnMatching at Featherfall now, you just need to let customer service know when you make your order which dolls you'd like, and adjust prices if they are tanned.

      I'm wanting to get leeke feet now tinybear! I got the dolls these tiny geta and I'm not sure if they'll fit, sinec DZ feet tend to be bigger...
    5. I have to admit ...Im a bit shocked Dollzone is supposed to have larger feet

      wish I still had my Leeke to compare them with side by side
      perhaps its the shape of Dollzone I dont like then

      its like ...I cant put my finger on it
      I think they have beautiful facesculpts ...and I love the hands ...arms , and the body .I
      its just the feet ...they look so ...stunted :...( and chunky ,I dont like them at all ...its like somone else sculpted them ...and its bugging me

      Im half hopeing they remake them with better feet ...like they did the old MSD hands after they came out

      ps ...I just checked the Tiny spreadsheat Leeke is 1cm longer than DZ ...so Im a bit happier ...if I can get the white feet and get them to fit
    6. Thank you. Now the problem is where can one buy white hands that will fit...

      I am glad she poses so great! I am really looking forward to ordering my twins in a few days!

      thank you! It said no mix and matching in the description of the sets so I assumed you had to order seperately! Saving me money is good, I can order more extras now :) I was originally only goint to order one with a freilian, now I need to order twins and save freilian for a later date. I have totally fallen for these little ones! I hope I can love the hands as is once I see them

    7. No worries. ^_^ We'd originally listed them that way... then realized we weren't really getting any breaks for those specific sets over any others so really.. eh, any are fine. ;) I am also ordering a Frelian to have in stock, so if you do decide to get her later I might have one handy. ;) We're also going to be around Toronto for Anime North. ^_^

      Tinybear-- gah, they're longer eh? I find that with all DZ fee its not that they're... hmm larger but that the curve atop the foot tends to be pudgier, if you know what I mean? ^_^;;

    8. AHHH! lol you are enabling to buy even more dollies :)
    9. Can we buy the heads only? I really don't like the body at all, but if the heads fit on a Bambicrony body then I'd be all set.
    10. Ok sweetie
      Bambi hands on DZ , you have to take the ball joint out of the Dollzone hand to get the BC hand on
      the Bambi hand fits flush and looks quite nice it but hasnt got the poseability that it had with the standard hand , but it also makes the arm slightly shorter
      so again looks nice
      dont know about resin match my Ruby is white and my BC is normal resin

      Bambi hands on Ruby -Dollzone Sis
    11. Oh, that looks good! And it should be easy to find somebody who's willing to sell you a pair, since the BC dolls come with spare hands! I would send you the spare hands of my Sisley, BoneBagz, but she's normal skin.

      toydogz4, I'm pretty sure I saw a head-swap thread somewhere, and the DZ head didn't fit at all on the BC body.

      EDIT: Ah, there it is:
    12. Thanks Tinybear! The hands look great! It is really too bad they do not sell them seperately. now to try and track down a set to try :)
    13. Anyone know yet if the whiteskin is a color match, or if there are any other hands that will work? I personally love the huge hands on my Jing, but when I get him a sister, I want her to have smaller hands than he does.