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Bambicrony posing. . .

Feb 4, 2008

    1. Bambicrony posing. . .
      Is it really that bad? Would wiring and/or sueding help?
      thanks, Lena
    2. I think my Bambicrony dolls are great at posing! My Elf Roko has always been the best-standing doll I own, since the day I took her out of the box. I do usually add some hot glue sueding to them, though it only helps a little, since IMHO the posing is already quite good. They do have the kicky knee issue on one leg, but this doesn't really present much of a problem, at least for me. I know some people have also figured out how to fix that issue, and I'm hoping that someone will post a photo tutorial eventually!
    3. My bambicrony kids pose GREAT...the best I'd ever seen before Rosen Lied's little ones.
    4. Bambicrony are actually really rather good compaired to others.
      Also there is a secret for Bambi posing, get a set of Marsh leather pants :XD:

      I dont think wiring would do any good but maybe suading if you think they need it.

      Bambi's often come to tightly strung from the company, so you might need to use some time to loosen them up abit. You could either restring them or leave them sitting on their knees for a couple of days.
      Some of the older bambi's have the problem with one leg being slightly longer then the other, but personally I dont notice it at all.
      Both Peaches (MR Roko) and Ember (elf Cookie) pose really great.

      P.S. Also if you would like to not worry about the strings in their hands Punkawalla (Sorry if I am misspelling your name dear) makes S-hooks.
    5. My Bambicrony girl poses very well. She does have one kicky arm so I have to watch out when dressing her so she doesn't smack herself in the nose - maybe her arms are strung too tight. Their legs are fun - with the upper thigh joint you can do swarico(?) pose (sit like W) or sit on ground with both legs to one side.

      The joints all seem well-designed.

    6. Really? I was under the impression that their posing sucked!
    7. I like the thigh joint. I got mine second hand and i dont think she was ever re-stringed. I hate her kicky legs, they kick all the time! And her arms/hands dont pose too well either, but im used to 1/6 obitsu ;) Im really turned off by that, whenever i pick her up her legs go "KICK!" :(
      I just got my YoSD today and wow thats different story! Shes not perfect but much better, and shes second hand, 1st release.
    8. Not sure where you got this idea from, but I totally disagree with it! :sweat
    9. Haha, I've only ever heard good things about BC posing except for the kicky leg thing (and honestly it's not like that's Bambicrony exclusive problem XD), I find they pose quite well and the kickiness and arm-kicking can probably be resovled with a looser stringing, though I haven't restrung mine. The thigh joints are great, I wish every doll had them! T_T
    10. I think it can be solved with looser stringing as well. I did re-string her, and looser string does seem to fit better, but i accidently got the string tight again. So yeah try doing looser stringing :)
    11. that's true. mine has her left leg a good 3mm longer than the right. the can pose very good though, just separate a bit her legs. I think she's cute posing like that

      after a close study, I think some precise hip and knee sanding would solve the problem, since it seems the balls on the longer leg are thicker
    12. Thank you all :] you really boosted my confidence about buying a bambicrony.