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Bambicrony Recomendation for Colored Elf Care -LSG fades too

Apr 17, 2007

    1. I posted a few questions in the bambicrony question and Answer Board about the colored french resin bambicrony elves (misty blue, misty rose, light slate grey)

      The issue of fading and discoloration of the resin was a recent topic as well as whether or not Viya Faceups are porperly coated.

      Below is the questions posted and the reply by Bambicrony

      New Response
      What does LSG fade to? photo included
    2. I can update the first post as more news becomes available regarding the topic
    3. Thanks for keeping us up to date, AreeElf!

      I guess the problem is that the owners haven't been leaving their dolls in "sunlight for a long time," but they're still yellowing... :(
    4. These particular dolls are yellowing _already_ ? or previous dolls have had this issue?

      thanks for the info from BC!

      it seems from what I've seen with various companies, that certain resins yellow more, but out of those that do, it seems like they yellow to a certain point and then stableize at that.

      Does that seem accurate?
    5. aimee: From the other thread it seems the problem is possibly the blue pigment is fading. Some people have uneven yellowing others have an even fading. So far the blue seems to yellow, the grey turns blue or purple, the pink may fade but shows the least amount of change so far.

      Since the dolls are only a month old I don't know if they stabilize at a certain point.

      I can do some testing on pink resin but I unfortunately don't have spare blue or purple hands. Any volunteers?

      anbaachan: Yes it is unfortunate a month isn't really a long time to get that much sun unless the poor doll was deliberately baked outdoors
    6. I don't think the LSG colors are changing, it is that the resin batches of the "Light Slate Grey" varied dramatically, from a sort of purpley berry color to a nice bluish grey (like the photos). There has been no color change to my LSG, it was always berry purple.

    7. Mine is yellowing at the elbows (the most exposed part of his body) from sitting in the shadows of the indirect sunlight that comes into my room.

      I have taken him out to take photos, but I always keep him out of direct sunlight when traveling as well...

      I don't think I've had him in direct sunlight at all yet.
    8. my LSG pepe hasn't changed colors. she was always a purple shade right out of the box.
    9. Bambicrony said:
      If you try to keep the resin dolls off sunlight, you can keep their beautiful color for a long time.

      ... So what happens if we find they are changing color even when not exposed to sunlight??? Not that I'm saying this has happened from personal experience, but others have said they are seeing color change in dolls not exposed to direct sunlight--so things are not sounding reassuring, despite what Bambicrony is saying! *_*
    10. Someone else had said in another thread that their LSG elf had a slight color change from when it arrived
    11. April that is the next thing I will ask them
    12. Yeah, keeping them out of the sunlight doesn't seem to be helping them keep their color very well. I'm starting to wonder of BC did any light testing at all on the new resins...
    13. EvaFriedel: I posted an open question to bambicrony asking about suggestions other than keeping the doll in it's box. I'm still waiting on a reply
    14. So bambicrony recommends coating the doll with Mr. Hobby's UV coating on the head and the body.

      Basically they're saying to coat the doll in MSC UV cut.

      I personally have spray coated my Mistyrose doll with regular MSC.
    15. Thanks for keeping us updated, AreeElf!

      It's good to hear that they are starting to address the problem and test UV stablizers in their future resins.
    16. yes,... but UV cut got discontinued because it yellows... soooo

      it's nice that they are trying though.
    17. aimee: I was thinking the same. I think using regular MCS is better than nothing if one is worried
    18. I also think unfortunately it may be different batches of resin were more unstable than others, as my Misty Blue has been in sunlight and she is unchanged.
    19. Stella: I think it does seem like a batching problem. I thought Aisling faded but I checked and she's fine I just got used to her pink color. Kia's doll has a yellowing spot. Maybe it has something to do with how well the pigment got mixed with the resin and possible cross contamination of colors from molds
    20. Is there a thread on the MSC UV problem? Is it ALL MSC-UV? Or just batches? I have a can I've been using... It's over a year old. I'll have to stop using it if there's a problem (gah). I haven't noticed anything yellowing when I've used it... but who knows? :(