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bambicrony resin being rough?

Jan 25, 2007

    1. I just got my bambicrony kumi today, she's very cute, but when i felt her resin, it's very rough, not smooth at all, it's her entire body. is it mold release? or do they cover their dolls with msc maybe? can any other bambicrony owners help me on this? i'm going to give her a bath later on today to see if that helps at all. also, to my dismay, i found her hands were tied on by string, gah! can anyone make s hooks for me, or know where to get them? also, the magnet in her head cap isn't the strongest thing in the world, and moves when i shake her.
    2. Hi PrincessAI436 congratulatiuons on your doll, my doll's body was a bit grainy feeling too. I think it is the resin. I started sanding seams on her forearms but hadn't finished it's not soft resin for sure. I gave up for now since most won't be seen under the outfit. It was taking longer to sand than my wishel.

      That sounds odd my headcap has a pretty strong magnet in it. If you have earth magnets you can strengthen a weak magnet that's what I'm doing with my volks wings

      My doll's hands came tied too I got a spare set of hands with s-hooks I got the regular roko with option wings.

      The elves don't list that it comes with s-hooks and tension only the regular dolls. Bambicrony is still a bit bad with what comes and what doesn't come with a doll.

      I was under the impression mine was supposed to come with the kangbo wrap, it didn't. They said they forgot to update the website and refered me to November announcement on box change.

      I think for that size doll you can make a good pair of s-hooks with a wire coat hanger.
    3. Did you buy your elf from the extra batch they had for sale? I actually wondered if they might be "seconds". I have a Roko and Kumi coming, so I'll let you know how mine are.

      You can usually find small S hooks at hardware stores and possibly hobby shops. Of course, I don't know yet, just how tiny there are!

      Let me know what you find out.
    4. Hmm.. I have had 4 BCs in total, and the resin was very different from each.
      One of them was so smoothy that I almost couldn't make a face up on him, and then did I get 2 heads which was a bit rough, and then now did I get an elf kumi from 2. release and she is VERY rough, so it is different from time to time... But I did get extra hands with S hooks, but the strig they have in the end instead of S hooks are pretty cool, because it makes you doll pose much easier ^^
    5. My Kumi and Sleeping Kumi are rough-feeling compared to my other resin dolls, but it's not something I mind at all. I'm very happy with them. Mine came with tied-in hands, also, but Bambicrony also enclosed extra hands with S-hooks if I wanted to change them out later.

      They did have some traces of seam lines left on their arms and legs, but they aren't too bad. I could sand them if I wanted to, but I don't think I'll bother. They aren't unsightly, or anything.

      The magnets on my headcaps are fairly strong. I don't have the problem you do with the magnets.
    6. well, she's not an elf, just a regular kumi. she's giving off this weird odor too, i think it's the mold release, she's got s hooks for her hands, just checked the box again. >< i can shake her alot, and it just jiggles, it doesn't bother me that much, i just don't like the rough resin and the weird smell. weird thing is, i just bought her saturday, and she got here today. i have some fine grit sandpaper i'm gonna use to see if i can get her a little bit smoother though.
    7. Does the odor smell like nail polish was wondering about that my petsha smells like that. I was debating on washing her too. She's been smelling like that for a week and a half now I was hoping it would dissipate.

      Maybe the resin hasn't fully cured yet? My roko didn't smell at all
    8. it kinda does, then this kinda minty smell too. her headcap is completely smooth, while the rest of her is rough. i've been shaking her around plucking her, etc. to make sure she's not gonna break or something, lol. i mean, she's a great poser, just the roughness is odd and the smell. and, i'm worried about putting her back together, what do you guys use to pull the string through? on my msd's i use strecthy string, but it's too big for her.
    9. I sometimes use thin flexible beading wire to pull string through it's stiff enough to thread through parts and flexible enough to fold and pull. It has a 29 lb break strength. Then afterwards you can use it to make jewelry for your doll.

      I pick it up in the craft store.

      The body on mine is definitely grainier and more matte than the head itself. The body poses like a dream. One of the best posing dolls right out of the box for me.
    10. well, the head is rough too, but i'm not gonna sand that, no way! >< beading wire? i saw that the other day, it was like 5.99. ><
    11. Mine pose really nicely, too. I can put them in a kneeling position and they will stay like that without their legs buckling. It's pretty neat. They also stand well.
    12. Did you place your order when they released the extra stock recently? That is super fast for bambicrony.
    13. no, she's not an elf, just regular, and i ordered her sauday night. i looked at the two s hooks for the hands, and their not, their for the head. >< Also, one of her extra hands has bubbles at the end of two fingertips, i'm kinda getting peeved right now. i'm going to ask them to send some s hooks for hands, the ones i got are exactly the same size as the head s hooks. i started to sand her, and the roughness goes away, but the hand, why would they send a hand with bubbles in it? one finger looks like it was cut slightly at the end.
    14. You know, I would contact the company about the flaws, Princess. I don't know if you've heard that during the rainy season (our winter, I think) the high humidity and heat can affect the quality of the resin, including bubbles in the resin.

      Bambicrony has such a good reputation, I can't imagine they wouldn't make things right.
    15. yes, i know they have a good rep, and was very delighted to see how fast she got here to me. I have emailed them, and i'm going to leave a message on their board shortly. I love my kumi even with no faceup she's gorgeous. But, the hand and two s hooks for a head bothers me, it seems they rushed her out or something. The roughness, doesn't really bother me, since all i have to do is give her a good bath and attack her with some fine sanding paper. :)
    16. i gave her a run over with the mr. magic clean eraser, and nothing. i have to lightly sand her to get the roughness off. ><
    17. Her problems aside, congrats on your new girl! I hope to have one of my own in a couple of months. :)
    18. I home now and checked yup my doll's body has fine garininess except for forearms where I sanded. Where I sanded the resin is really nice and smooth.

      Reading the luts though I'm wondering if it's realted to weather at time of casting
    19. i'm wondering too about the weather also. i emailed and posted on bambicrony's website to see what they will do. some fine grit sandpaper seems to do the trick. thanks opal! she's lovely, she'll be soon going to cherrystreet~sera for a faceup. :)