New Doll [BambiCrony] Sleeping Vanilla / Vanilla has been released!

Apr 10, 2018

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      ▒Bambi Crony-for you & dolls▒

      ▒Bambi Crony-for you & dolls▒
      [CB] Sleeping VANILLA / VANILLA
      Sculpture by Mia

      Limited Edition : Order Period ~ 30th. April. 2018 *

      ■ Basic Description
      CB Sleeping VANILLA OR VANILLA, Default BOX, glass eyes 12mm (random color), Product Certificates
      Fist Hands is Option Parts

      ■ Option Description
      Makeup : by Lupinus
      Dress : by HappyBaby
      Pink Rabbit or Beige Kitty

      ■ Size of CIAO BELLA
      -Tall: 27cm
      -Eye: 12mm~14mm
      -head(wig): 6inch
      • x 5
    2. May I order vanila?
    3. @nook Basic Vanilla is still available. You can order her at the Bambicrony website. If you have any questions about ordering, you can ask on their Q&A page. You have to make an account to post. The link is on the right side of the homepage.
    4. Thank you