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Update BAMBICRONY-update news & 2008 Christmas Event

Nov 21, 2008

    1. Hello~!

      We would like to proudly present our new elves and announce our 2008 Christmas Event.

      Update details:
      +basic line -Elf Vin-basic line
      +basic line -Elf Shlphia-basic line
      +basic line -Elf Charity-basic line

      +special 20 limited full set ver.Elf Charity (indigowhtie skin)
      +special 20 limited full set ver.Elf Shlphia (indigowhtie skin)
      +Elf Charity-Limited Period of Time (with your choice of colors)
      +Elf Shlphia-Limited Period of Time (with your choice of colors)

      +[wing] CBBW-02

      X-MAS Event
      When you purchase one of Bambicrony dolls,
      you'll get a head of either Elf Charity or Elf Shlphia as a gift.
      You can select type of head, skin and faceup(charged) on the detailed
      description page of the doll.

      Event Date : Nov. 21~Dec. 31, 2008

      Thank you for your love and hope you look forward to it.