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BambiCrony-What Extras came with your doll?

Feb 4, 2007

    1. Hi All,
      I received my LE Elf Roko (in snow white) a few weeks ago. She's so cute. Anyway she came with eyes, wings, extra set of hands and some string - just what the site said .... and a pair of LUTS shoes too.

      However, a friend of mine, who purchased LE Elf Kuni (also in white) got all of the above PLUS 2 wigs and an adorable sleeping bag styled carrrying sack with hers.

      We're both very confused. Why did she get three extras and I got none.
      We placed our orders 5 days apart.

      Did anyone else get any extras? I'm just curious.

      Thanks Am
    2. Bambicrony usually gives two wigs to people whose orders were delayed..
    3. i didn't get any extras, my kumi came with two s hooks for her head, instead of her hands, and the extra pair of hands i got had bubbles. they said they wil send me extra hands and s hooks.
    4. The "sleeping bag", or hanbok, was discontinued in the midst of the Elf shipments. One of my elfs (Kumi) came with one, the other (Roko) didn't. Both had hands and wings. Kumi also came with a wig, if I recall correctly, Roko did not.
    5. I got an extra set of hands and a pair of shoes with my vin. x-x' And does the cute silent night ribbon around the box count? X3 *loved how they make it look like a present that just needs the ribbon tugged off*
    6. I didn't get any extras just the things they said would come with it also my s-hooks were 3 for head not hands. They also didn't send a kangbo with my order even though they forgot to remove the info on the website
    7. Ahh, my Tan Elf Roko came with all of the normal stuff (but none of this sleeping bag...;-; )+ two extra wigs! It was a nice surprise, even though Rabi already has her default wig from CanCan.

      edit- though, Rabi was pretty much a week or two late in her shipping...not that I'm complaining but maybe that's an explanation for the gifts?
    8. They seem very inconsistent. I ordered two with days of each other. One came with the hanbok and no eyes...the other came with a pair of wings (this was tan regular Roko) and a pair of eyes with extra packet of putty-but no hanbok. I think it's a matter of luck! :sweat
    9. it does seem out of luck. ><
    10. My elf Roko came with a cute wig (sadly not Gaz's style), cute pink Mary Janes (also not his style), hands and elastic.

      It does seem haphazard but I'll definitely order from them again.
    11. geez, some people get shoes and a wig? how lucky! i got mine from the time i ordered and came to me, within a week, but her resin is rough, and the whole bubble in the hand thing, and wrong s hooks, i just want extra s hooks, and the hands but if they send me a wig or something, that would be nice, hoping that they did send her hands, I'll give them another week and ask to make sure.
    12. I ordered two dolls and didn't get any extras at ALL. Just the extra hands, which they come with.
    13. My order was delayed ... they even apologized and explained that the makeup artist was on vacation .. still I didn't get any wigs. To be honest, after I saw my friend's wigs, they wouldn't have worked with my little one anyone. But I would've loved that hanbok thing. Oh well ...
    14. Bummer - that hanbok is such a great idea too.

    15. Do the Cancan work well with these little ones? I have a nice fur wig on mine but would still want some more traditional hair ...
    16. Thanks everyone. I was hoping they forgot about me - but now I see it's all so random. I did think the resin was a little rough but she poses so well it doesn't bother me.
    17. mine didn't come with any extras but i did get my kumi in about a week and a half.
      the cancan wigs work great. i have three and they all fit kumi nicely.
    18. which size? 5.5 or 6?
    19. oh wow.. people got shoes?!?
      I got a free wig.. totally isn't any of my doll's style and is too big for her head.

      and head s hooks instead of hand ones...