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Banji clothes for Bobobie Tinies?

Sep 11, 2007

    1. I've got a Bobobie Eric on the way and I don't particularly want him to arrive and be naked for months. I've been looking at the gorgeous Banji clothes on Dollmore. Will this fit him? Can anyone suggest clothes that will if not?

      I heard that some Bratz and Sylvanian Families clothes can fit, but before I waste my money on it, I think I'll wait for verification.
    2. Banji clothes would be quite small on him, I'd think. I know if you look for the bigger Mattel Kelly/Shelly/Tommy clothes (the ones that look bigger mutant than to the normal ones we are used to seeing) and generic equivolent, they should fit like the pants and some shirts.
    3. Thank you! Should I buy size 5 wigs for him as well? Or will size 4 squeeze onto his head?
    4. I could not squeeze a 4 on that head! I used a size 5 wig personally.
    5. I just received Erin today, with a nice wig. But I am looking for clothes for her, She is far nicer than I expected. Very sweet face, stood up right away.
      But she must find clothes. Thanks. conwell
    6. I'm getting some Dollmore Banji clothes. I'll post pictures to see if they fit once they get here.

      Thanks for the wig help.
    7. I got to admit the Dollmore Banji boys clothes I bought were HUGE , they would have fit
      ...I had to alter them
      so I dont think you will know for sure untill they arrive
    8. Thank you for your advice tinybear. I'll see if they fit when both he and the clothes arrive and then post up some pictures of problem areas where the clothes are too tight :)
    9. We have a naked Eric over here too. So tell us how it works out :)
    10. I have found pants for Eric in the scrapbooking section of craft stores. They have sports outfits with sticky stuff on the back to press in a book. I take the sticky stuff off carefully and put them on Eric.
    11. Cool, that's a great idea! I'll have to look for stuff for my incoming Chocolate girl. I do have the little Kimono I purchased a few years ago when I was into Hitty. :)
    12. Note: Head stuff DOES NOT fit. Everything else is extremely tight apart from the booties/shoes. I wouldn't recommend Banji stuff.
    13. I went through my 1/6 stuff with my little Chocolate when she arrived. Some Kelly, Stacie, Bratz, Bratz Boyz and Blythe stuff fit her and also some of the especially small Barbie t-shirts (Barbie is such a slut lol!) --- But this excercise located only a load of t-shirts of varying bagginess, the tiny one still needed bottoms. For that I reduced my MSD pants pattern to 35% and adjusted it from there.