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Bao- 28 cm boy by Bobobie

Aug 30, 2008

    1. He's great, goes really well with the girls too :love
    2. Hes cute and will fit well with the girls, i love this size the best!
    3. I like him ....Oh I do I do LOL
      I can see him comming to live with me one day too :D
    4. Oooo I like him! But. He wont work for any of my chars >.> For now XD!
    5. I gave in and ordered a Bao, my first boy.
    6. Yes, he is the same doll. I have mine already! I really like him. The quality is good and the sculpt really nice. He sits and poses with no problems.

      So - here's Newt!



    7. Aww, Newt is such a cutie! I think that the Bao face would be cute on a girl body, too.
    8. Newt is so cute... I really like Bao. I don't have a boy yet, but this one tempts me.:)
    9. Your Newt is adorable! I'm waiting for the new Bei girl right now, but I want him too!!
    10. Newt is a major cutie. What size wig/eyes does he wear? I took the plunge and ordered a blue one.
    11. I can't wait to get mine ^-^
    12. He wears a size 12 eyes.

      I don't about the wig. I had it custom made by Darkmothflame.
    13. Thanks so much. :)
    14. I have a Bao on order. Does anyone know a source for his clothing? I need to find a black suit for him.
    15. Maybe Bratz boys clothes will work. I was measuring all my dolls and my daughter's last night to see who was closest to BBB March. here are the Bratz Boy measurements:
      shoulder 5.5 cm wide
      chest 12 cm- approx because his arm joints are in the way
      waist 8 CM
      hip 11 cm
      arm 7 cm long
      leg just over 11 cm long
      torso 5.5 cm long
      These are fairly close to Bei
    16. Bei's hips are 1 1/2 cm bigger than the bratz boy - she's gotta lotta junk in that trunk. I think she will fit Barbie clothes better.
    17. Does anyone know the measurements for the boy? I'm still waiting on mine.
    18. My boy is on order as well - hopefully to get here around the end of the month. I haven't gotten him any clothes yet, as his character doesn't wear 'traditional' clothes. Hmm, I do need to get him a wig though...I'm supposing he's a 5/6. ooh, and his proper eyes - I'm going with some of the reptile ones from VanDykes I think it is.

      elfmoon: Newt is adorable. I really like his faceup (freckles!!) and that awesome wig.