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Jun 8, 2018

    1. Oxana and Alexey Geets
      Bardo Research

      so anybody orderd one of these strange cartoon like girls? I did order pinot I have a bigger doll from them: sadhana and she is very pretty slender girl her friend jackdawand I have a tiny girl. But now they have these girls living in cardbox houses and I know they aren't like normal human looking dolls but I love them. They look bigger then they are because they are only 26cm and can wear monster high old body fashion, so very slender.
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    2. Oh, I DO like them -- they have so much oddball personality, and I love their cardboard house (not to mention their cats)! I hadn't looked at the Bardo Research flickr or blogspot in a while, so I didn't realize there was a newer release than Thel.

      Hmmmm, I see so many cool Monster High clothes on Etsy . . . this is tempting . . .
    3. I love them too! Very cool cardboard box house! Definitely like the whole atmosphere-- invites creativity!
    4. I have a Pinot on order! I'm going to make her my little artist girl. I cannot wait for her to arrive. I have some things that are already in her scale that I think will suit her. I love how unique they both are. I wish I could have gotten both of them!
    5. so the white ones are ready, but mine is colored so I wonder when she will be finished, she is going to be a artist too:) she loves to perform on stage...I have her room ready, and some clothes , she especcialy likes to perform in the wizzard of oz. there is a monster high body just for measurements
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    6. @wilkies I love your set up! My girl will be envious as she does not have her studio set up yet. I have bits and pieces but the box I originally got for her is a bit small. I just picked up a larger one.

      I have not received an actual notice yet, but I was told that mine is getting ready to be boxed up and shipped. So excited. aaaah :D
    7. mostly my bjd's turn out to be total different characters then I had in mind, so I hope she likes it,hope she is not an alien or so:)
    8. I feel you there. Sometimes I end up liking the new idea better than the original, so it works out. Either way, I am very excited to get this unique girl home.
    9. my girl is on her way, so pictures very soon, it will take some time before she arrives, mostly a week or two, really wonder who she is.....
    10. Congrats! Still waiting for my notice but I was told that she was getting ready to be boxed up so assuming soon. maybe this week. :D
    11. no news yet customs says it is extended....grrr...hope they release her soon
    12. Still no shipping for me yet. T_T
    13. yeah mine arrived today !!!!!will make pictures tomorrow she is so pretty...mine is mocha colour....
    14. I can't wait to see pictures!

      I did get the notice for my girl the other day but she hasn't boarded the plane yet.
    15. [​IMG] ok here a picture, she is a funny creature, you can look at my flickr for more pictures wilkies
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    16. She is so cute! I loved all the pictures you took of her. Looks like you had lots of fun.

      Making me super excited for mine. My girl is in the white skin.
    17. My tracking has not updated since 12/6. Hopefully it will update soon. Maybe it's already in my country? fingers crossed.
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    18. yeah wonderfull love to see how she will change, mine is all christmas
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    19. Congratulations on the arrival of your Pinots ❤️ @wilkies and @LuckyXIII

      I got Agave in dark tan. You can see her on my flickr. I can’t post pictures for some reason. :cool: