Basic info for Volks Dollfie Dream!

Aug 21, 2004

    1. Hi!

      I'm definitely new here, but hope that anyone with a Dollfie Dream lurking in the house that they might be able to take out and pose might be able to get back to me!
      I'm looking to buy one, but I'm not sure what I'm getting into. This will be my first-ever ball-jointed doll!

      Okay, cutting to the chase:

      1) How are they made? Can the doll be taken apart into separate plastic pieces that are strung together? I ask, because I'm thinking of sculpting some custom-made body parts and stringing them together with the DD parts, but I need to know if the doll can be taken to pieces first!

      2) Can the doll sit cross-legged?

      3) How posable are these guys? Specifically, I want to know if they can pose like both of these pictures: dance nataraja.jpg (can the left arm cross the chest that tightly or are the breasts in the way?) (the figure standing in a curvy S-shape on the right)

      4) What do the arm joints look like? How do they bend at the shoulders?

      Seeing I've never seen these in person, I really hope you could take a good look at your DD and help me out! I'd really, really appreciate it!

      Thank you very much, in advance!!
    2. I have a DD, she's my first SD and I absolutely love her.

      The thing about DDs though, is that they're cheaper for a reason.

      1) They're made of vinyl, not resin.

      2) They're not as poseable as SDs, but still fairly posable. Like their knees only bend to about 90 degrees.

      3) They stain easier than SDs, but can be cleaned fairly easy.

      5) They also don't sit all the way up, as in they lean farther back than an SD.

      Other then that they're beautiful dolls and worth every penny.

      Yes, you can take them apart. I restrung my DD a while ago and it all comes apart like an SD13. I also sculpt SDs and I haven't tried using the pieces with the DD parts but I don't think you'll have a problem.

      Posing a DD isn't as easy as posing an SD. Since they're not strung all the way the the arms you'll have a little trouble with that but I think you can get them to pose as you wanted in the pictures, but with some effort. Posing their legs is a little more difficult, they kick their legs sometimes as their legs sometimes don't lock into place very well. If you wire her legs that should stop that problem. My DD doesn't sit cross legged since the legs are wired, but for an unwired DD I think it can.

      Their arm sockets are just like an SDs. I haven't had any problems with them.

      Hope that helps! Good luck with buying your DD! ^_^

    3. I now have 3 of the DD series. They're not as heavy as the standard SD's, 'cause, like the other poster said, they're made of vinyl. And, they seem to be a bit constrained in their posability for my tastes. Still, I think they're awful cool. Here's a couple of images of the newest DD, Asakura Nemu, so you can take a look.

      Her face is absolutely fabulous!

      Here she is standing next to Tohya, a Super Dollfie:

      This is an extreme close-up of Ayanami Rei's knee joint:

      This is another picture of Rei, just standing:

      Hope this helps!

    4. They can raise their arms, yes, but as for sitting cross-legged like that, no, I don't think so. If I'm patient, I can get mine to daintily cross her ankles, but her hip joints are kind of constrained, and her knees only give two or three clicks. If you need that kind of posability, you might consider an Obitsu type body.

    5. Setsuna .. The thing that you are asking of the DD is very hard to achieve...
      Although you may see some people posing their dolls nicely but in some dolls it's a hassel to get them to do certain move or position.. :cry:

      Like an SD would be able of lefting her hand and touching her ear,but it would be hard to keep the hand in that position since due to the strong string it would flip back ...

      You maybe able of having her do more poositions if you restring her differently .. maybe less tighter..

      Good Luck :)
    6. I'm not sure whether this should be posted here or not, I'm new -as in just made an account ten minutes ago new- and I'm still getting the mechanics of the forum, so please forgive me if I do things badly quite a bit.
      Anyway, the question I have is other then the eyes and a slightly smaller head, what is the difference between a Dollfie Dream and a normal Super Dollfie?
    7. Hmm. From what I've heard (I have a DD, but no SD), there are other differences:

      - material (DD is vinyl, SD is resin)
      - weight (corollary of above: DD is much lighter than SD)
      - texture (also relates to material: DDs have bendy fingers and have a semi-squishy torso, untrue of resin SDs)
      - figure sculpt (DD has a more adult, curvy figure than an SD)
      - price (DD is cheaper than SD)
      - skintone (it seems that DD has a slightly darker/pinkier skintone than most SDs)
      - articulation (apparently DD isn't as poseable as SD but I'm not sure exactly how).

      Hope that helps! Welcome to the forum. :)
    8. also, DD's have a very Anime look, where as the look of the super dollfie sculpts is more realistic, and dollfie dreams have pinup girl bodies where as super dollfies are either molded like 10 or 13 year old girls, supposedly, but i think they look more like 13 and 16-20.

    9. What is the height difference?
    10. I have both a Dollfie Dream and an SD13 old style boy. The DD is about two-three inches shorter than the boy, but from what I understand, that's about the same size as a regular SD girl. Great pictures with both DD and SD/SD13/MSD in them can be found on Aqua's site. Aqua is a member of this forum.
    11. Kind of noobish but I need to get into this hobby!
      1) What size are the bodies?

      2) Could I on a later date replace the head with one that uses the acrylic eyes?
    12. The bodies are Super Dollfie sized, but have different measurments (larger bust, smaller waist, larger hips)

      Yes, you can replace the head fairly easily with any other SD-sized head. There's many threads around with dolls like Dark Elf Soo on Dollfie Dream bodies. ^_^
    13. The legs on the DD are also a bit longer than on the SD. at least it appears that way from the pics and from the fit of outfits on the DD.

      I'm glad you selected a DD, they are very fun.

    14. I looked for a similar post like this and couldn't find anything, but I apologize beforehand if this is a repeat. :oops:

      For my next doll, I'm probably going to buy a head separately and put it on a DD body. So, I was wondering, why exactly is the DD body so much cheaper than most other bodies? I know they're made out of vinyl (?), but is that the reason? Are they more fragile, feel weird, hard to pose, etc? Basically, any information on the DD bodies would help. /swt

    15. I think the main reason that the DD body is cheaper is that its cheaper to make, since its not made of resin.
      Personally i like the possibility of the DD because its legs click into positions. Also it weighs a lot less than a regular SD.
      Hope that helps a little :grin:
    16. The DD body is good quality for a vinyl doll, it's like a scaled-up version of their 1/6 dolls. It doesn't really compare to resin though and is not a good choice if you only want it because it's a cheaper alternative. The body is far lighter, so resin heads seem a little heavy on it. It does not have the feel or overall quality of a BJD and doesn't really give much sense of what they are like. If you really want a BJD, keep saving and buy a resin body.

      DD bodies are only a good choice if you really like the mature sculpt, which is beautiful. They pose well and have an elegance that I think most of the resin Volks bodies don't have. There isn't anything comparable from Volks in resin, so if that's the style you want, DD is your best and only choice from them. (There's always the mature Lishe body from CP, however. But I do think the DD sculpt is prettier, just my opinion.)

      Edit: Oh, and as for the feel... they are much softer, if you poke the torso, it will give a little. It's a warmer feeling more like skin, compared to the smooth hardness of resin.
    17. I already have a DoD Leya, so I know what a resin body feels like and all that jazz. What I want to get out of a DD body is basically an SD experience.
    18. I had a DD and I didn't like how she looked with my boys. Her boobs are much larger in person. XD I also found her frustrating to pose- but with the new locking joints that should be all fixed. I couldn't tell the difference between the skin tone of my DES head and DD body, they looked perfect- but CP resin does vary a little batch to batch.

      I felt about the DD body about the way I feel like 1/6th dollfie, like Dezarii said. In the end she just looked odd with my family.
    19. DDs are truly an acquired taste.

      As it's already been mentioned, if you want a mature body mold, you have a choice between her and the CP mature bodies. The DD's backs are slightly more arched; so the CP bodies have less "junk in the trunk" compared to the DDs massive derriere.

      The biggest point against DDs has got to be staining. Damn neareverything shows up on them. Even with religious washing of dark clothes, and coatings. And since they're vinyl, sanding isn't an option. So you have to be especially carfeul with them.