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Basic Kit Angelica at AR!

Sep 12, 2005

    1. :daisy Hee, hee I just saw. And nope I think you are the first to post it. You beat me. :grin: This is good news!
    2. I just put together my Angelica boy UFK today, and I just love him. :) They're such great sculpts, and it's awesome to see that you can get them as a basic kit now!
    3. AR is trying to bankrupt me. :o I love the Angelica mold, and had been kicking myself that I hadn't bought one as a UFK. This is infinitely better, though. Must resist the urge... x_x
    4. Just a note, as of 9/19, that the Basic Kit Angelica dolls are on sale for $230, whereas the other Basic Kits are $328. Dunno if they were on sale before or not, but there's a headsup for those who missed out on the UFK!
    5. Oh nice nice! I'm glad I got my Angelica boy in the UFK, but this is a great deal! :D
    6. The doll gods are teasiing me, I think. Right after I got Hikaru, the Angelica boy was offered as an UFK. I really wanted him, but I thought it was better to wait, get more of my credit card paid off, and give myself more time to bond with Hikaru before getting another doll.

      So a few months pass, and I go to order and Ani boy and discover that the Angelica boy is back as a basic kit. I had been planning on the Ani, and I liked him, so I thought well...the Angelica boy is in a basic kit, so he should be around for awhile. I can wait a few more months for the Angelica boy. The very next day after I ordered Fumiki, I look at the Angelregion site and the Angelica boy is on sale for $230. *bangs head on table*

      I have been sooo tempted to order him with my debit card since I have the money in my account (can't put anything else on the credit card in good concience), but Fumiki needs clothes, and the money should go to paying off my card. So I'm going to be responsible and wait some more :cow