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Batchix Dark Castle "Machina" (Alpha Edition) discussion part 1

Sep 18, 2007

    1. Looks like she stands just fine!


      -- A ^_^
    2. Thanks! Tron(and the designer for the movie, Sid Mead) was a big inspiration in her design, as was Arcee http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Spotlight_arcee.jpg from transformers, and Bo and Boo from the Mighty Orbots cartoon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mighty_Orbots#The_Orbots. I also looked at a lot of other robot designs ranging from Soryama's ladies http://www.sorayama.net/ to Ghost in the Shell's cyborgs and Battle Angel Alita. :3
    3. [​IMG]
      Some photos of my Blue Nova, she is still a work in progress. I can never get over how well balanced this doll is, she is a great poser.
    4. OK, finally done. I think. I have to check the back tommorow.

    5. Inamourada Flux: Hey! She looks amazing in the pink.

      Just a quick question how customisable is the resin on these girls? Would it take a bit of sculpting on the back as I really would love to get one to sculpt some wings on the back of her and possibly add some wiring to the back edge. Just wanted to know as I know some resins can be a bit fickle when sculpting over :3
    6. She really is fun to experiment with. I'm not brave enough to do a face-up or body decoration, so my Rho Beta has a factory paint job (makes her sound like a car :lol:), but I have changed her eyes and tried an occasional wig. Here is one of her latest looks.

    7. She is here!!!!!! I am going to the depot today to pay the ransom fee and then she is mine all mine.....
      Sorry a little carried away there. I am all out of msc though so the painting will have to wait until it arrives...there is only one supplier in the UK for it and she is out too!:...(

      Her owner will be pleased to see her as he only has a 2" high 'bot to do his bidding at the moment! takes forever to get things done.*_*

      I will be putting pics up when she is up and running some time in next few weeks.

      A BIG thanks to you all and especially to Phanuel who has been answering all my noob questions.:)
    8. Well what an attitude this girl has Her name was going to be Eta Carinae after a nebula but she had other ideas....so cassiopaea it is
      Also I don't think she likes me! I have run out of msc so she is having to wait for her paint job. Maybe she will settle in soon. I have never had a doll with such a decided character before, its weird.

      I have time to decide on her colour scheme and how to make her victorian, I have so many ideas.

      looking forward to posting some spam photos...
    9. Congratulations on getting your Machina, demented pea!!! How exciting for you! Too bad about the MSC (man, I really hate how that stuff goes scarce sometimes.) At least you'll have a while to fine tune your ideas for her unique look...Victorian, such a great concept!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with. And don't be surprised by her strong personality...these Machinas are just like that. My Quadrophenia is exactly the same way. There's just something very unique about these dolls.
    10. Annoying that you have to wait to paint her, but it will give you time to plan and plot. She'll be fun to play with even unpainted.
    11. Demented pea, glad to hear you got your Machina without any snags. I'm looking forward to seeing your steampunk girl.
    12. Quadrophenia finally got her default eyes at long last...a set of custom made Enchanted Doll urethane eyes with no pupils...but even without pupils, I love how they change in the light and have great directionality. In some photos, it looks like they have pupils even though they don't...cool!


    13. The eyes are really pretty on her. I love the striped corset BTW, she is quite unique.
    14. Oh Wow - Hey Folks! I have my little Batchix Machina too. I got her for my B Day in July and I have not finished customizing her. So Cool to see several friends from other threads here!

      I am so inspired by what all you have done with your Machina's. I may post some "in process" pics.

      UnBelievable how unique each of these are - Incredible!
    15. Oh hello DollZwize! Fancy meeting you here. What color is your Machina? I would love to see in process photos.
    16. Howdy StellaMaris - She is Lilac colored, and Tiggy hasnt told me her name yet...
      Her faceup and the embellishment tattooing is by Batchix. I am working on putting in her black lines and deciding paint colors. Its hard though because I dont want to mess up the tattooing that Batchix did - Lovely isnt she? Well, if I could get Tiggy a tad more out of the way...
    17. They look really cute together!
      You know, if you spray the MSC on her you can do other layers over and be able to clean up any mistakes without wiping off the previous layers. Test a spot to see what I mean.
    18. DollZwize, your Machina is awesome! And she looks so cute with Tiggy...it's like Tiggy had her built just so she'd have a lap to sit in.:lol: They're both so different, but they look great together. I love the faceup that Batchix did on her...very soft and pretty...and I love those gear eyes!