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Batchix Gorgeous Guys 51cm discussion

Mar 23, 2014

    1. I cannot believe that I could not find a thread for these. ♥ Who has one of these mini hunks incoming?


      Has anyone started to buy clothes for them?

      Have you seen "Prince Sparklebutt" ? He is really special and lovely.

      ........Mod Edit.....

      These dolls are 51 cm and belong in large doll size.
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    2. They look very interesting! I'd love to see owner pictures! (And I saw them while back on Batchix's site, but thought they were SDs.)
    3. They are so beautiful, LOVE these guys.
      I wonder if the Souldoll clothes for the smaller sds fit them?
    4. she_flame: they really have a 'big presence' in pictures, don't they? i also thought that they were bigger when i first saw them.

      Have they started to arrive yet? i cannot think of any 'owner pics' at all out there ...

      Stella Maris: i asked Bats and this is her answer:

      Anything for Souldoll Vito or Idealian 52 fit him really well clothing or shoe wise. The idealian clothes might be a little wide on him since he's more svelte. his feet are 7cm long and 3cm at widest.

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    5. I don't think that there are yet any owner pics. And I think that the "big presence" comes partly from their physique - most MSDs are more kid-looking than there guys.
    6. Ooh it's nice to see a thread for these guys! I'm getting an Orpheus. I absolutely can't wait!
    7. Another person waiting for an Orpheus here! I haven't started buying clothes yet, though, because I want to try out what I've got around first -- I have a pretty wide range of sizes ^^;

      Ooooh from the email update I got, it sounds like the boys have made it to Batchix. Not much longer now!
    8. I have an Orpheus incoming too! Can't wait!
    9. timid and Missmonster: that is exciting news! ♥ i hope that it will not be long now until they ship.
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    10. Oooh I see we've been moved into the SD section! I can't wait for these boy to start shipping!
    11. Saw some of these gorgeous guys at the KBJD Show a week or two ago. Batchix had a table/booth in the Sellers Room. She was saying that the pre-orders were coming in soon, but she didn't have any yet--just the prototype/samples at her table. I hope they start arriving soon--they really did look great! I held one for a while and he seemed nice and sturdy--but didn't really get to play around with him enough to report anything more, unfortunately.

      [​IMG]14-04-KBJDShow_6379a_batchix by aprilllee, on Flickr

      ... sorry photo is out of focus. something's definitely off with my stupid camera! (or maybe I just don't have a steady enough hand???) :(

      Large Dolls, eh? I would have thought they were more technically Minis, but I guess it's hard to draw the dividing line... I don't even know where it IS drawn! Above 50 is Large? I'd have thought it would be over 55cm or anything close to 60cm and above, but I guess I was wrong (all these years!). :sweat
      #11 april, May 12, 2014
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    12. april: thank you so much for the photo! ♥ i had been hoping that someone would get pics at the show. :)

      i am hoping that the boys will start shipping soon. i do not think it will be much longer before we start to see some of them arrive.

      edited to add: was bats selling any of her clothes for them at the show? i am mad crazy for 'bats clothes' .....
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    13. Ahh! I got a shipping notice!

      April:I guess it makes sense because Souldoll Vito and Idelian 51 are also in the large dolls section.
    14. whooo hooo! :) solarius: won't be long now ...
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    15. My Orpheus, Spades, is home!
      He's wonderful. His size is going to take some getting used to though, he feels so small. I need to make him some clothes when I have time so he actually has something that fits properly. I also need to paint his face...
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    16. Grats fot new boy! Or should I say man? Anyway, he's gorgeous, and I can't wait to see him with face up.
    17. I love those guys.

      I have a George head coming, maybe arriving today or tomorrow, I'll have to find her a body (yes her, that's why I just got the head... even if their body is gorgeous).

      If there was to be a release in grey, I am quite sure I wouldn't be able te resist Orpheus in grey... I am still toying with the idea of getting him in white skin once I get some funds and if there is one still available at the time...

      Glad to see them arrive!
    18. Wow, you're gonna turn the George into a girl? This I have to see <3 I'm sure it'll be amazing!
    19. My Orpheus has a face, and a proper wig!

      And he is intentionally dirty. He's a wasteland dwelling robot who's a bit worse for wear. When I have a spare week I'm going to blush his body to match.
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