Batchix Lagoon discussion part 1

Jan 3, 2011

    1. Here's the link to her page!

      Please share the love!

      Here's a resin and size comparison done by Batchix herself!


      Here's the link to her database too:!-lt-3

      Original post: Let me know if i cant post this here... Batchix said that she was approved but if shes not i'll gladely delete my post. i just wanted to be able to spam this lovely girl for people to see. I believe that this is the first girl to be released and she will be casting them by hand by herself so it may be awhile before my girl has any siblings on the internet... either way i thought id share her. :)


      the next girls will be beauty white if im not mistaken. And some facts about her, She is super slim. unoa/mnf pants are baggy on her and slip right off. other wise most slim mini clothes fit. She wears a 5/6 wig or 6/7 if its clingy. 14mm or 12mm eyes. she poses really well too. mine's a little fiddly but she just needs a little sueding and maybe a restringing and it will fix that.

      hopefully soon i'll be able to take better pics with my real camera and not my phone. so excuse the quality. :)

      ....mod notes....

      Batchix Lagoon discussion part 1:
    2. Still trying to decide on a name for her, but i changed her eyes out last night to something bigger... to give her a more innocent look. i like it. :)

    3. I'm so excited!!! Ember is going to get a twin tooooooo! :aheartbea In honor, I took some photos with eyes and hair that I was thinking of for her twin (Marzipan). hehe!

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    4. I finally got the chance to shoot my girl again. The resulting photos are here.
    5. and a fresh quickie still with my phone of Milk saying she approves the news of Lagoon being released finally!

      Untitled by kittywolf13, on Flickr
    6. Eee! Milk is so cute! Chai is a great name too! :XD:

      Ember is trying on more wigs for her sister Marzipan. :D We should have a Lagoon tea party!

      It is a mohair wig that I made myself, I made a couple just for her out of some plates and they turned out beautifully! Usually I have a hard time with plate mohair, but Lagoon has the magic mojo. :D
    7. Sure, but the hand casts are different from the pro-casts. ^_^

      Here is my white hand cast with Custom House Marco {left} and Unoa 1.5 (with large breasts) {right}.

      *sorry it is so washed out*
    8. I'm not sure i'm allowed to post here since i'm the seller, but i wanted to let you guys know I made a resin and size comparison. thanks everyone! <3
    9. Here's the Ghostie Girl!
      She's the Transparent White Prototype. I wish this color was going to be cast, but the consensus seems to be for regular white. (which is also awesome).


      There are more pics of her in my LJ
    10. save save save!!! I ordered my first girl this morning... NS! But i will most likely be ordering a BW girl too! >_>; im going to have triplets. omg. And i think it is a great price. she comes with a free faceup, glass eyes and a carrier of some sort. (its a surprise!) I really hope there will be enough orders too! Its partially why im ordering two. XD Hahahaha!

      Untitled by kittywolf13, on Flickr

      Milk says shes super excited to know her sister Chai has been ordered. :) Now she awaits to see if her other sister Latte will be making it home as well!

      This is an older pic when i first gave her a faceup... she was wearing 14mm's here. i love the look of 16mm though.
    11. Ok, you inspired me. I dug around to see if I didn't have more shirts for my girls. I have a pile of ken shirts and I was pleasantly surprised that they fit. :D I had to take her hands off, but it was super easy.

    12. As Kitty Wolf said before! The order date is officially extended to August 15th AND the first 20 orders get one of these 5 free outfits! *squeeeeeeel* So cute!
    13. wow pretty doll..
    14. yes she is Chii483!!!
    15. Got mine ordered! :D :D :D!
    16. Congratulations!

      And now begins the two week extension. May it bring many who, otherwise, wouldn't have been able to buy.