Be With You ... 28cm Baby Doll ... Part 2

Jul 8, 2016

    1. Don't worry as long as you are enjoying yourself. The photos are clear enough for us to enjoy seeing your girls. :)

      My Paprika shouldn't be too far away now.
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    2. Wow we made another thread - gaining ground:3nodding:. Hello Merida - you look lovely in green. Carrot has the most adorable face, but then they all seem to :love.
      S - I am looking forward to seeing how you style your Paprika.
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    3. [​IMG]
      Papi is here to welcome the new thread! She is very eager to meet the three I have on the way. :P
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    4. Cleo is adorable. I love her sweater - did you make it?
      Hi Papi - such a sweetie - who is she waiting to meet?
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    5. Thank you! Yes, I did make her sweater!
    6. Potato, Garlic and a male Paprika! At the moment she is the only standard yosd I have so very excited to have more! ^_^
    7. That will make a lovely group. I hope they start arriving soon. I am anxious to see owner photos of Potato.
    8. Lyra, my Mango, for the new thread!
      I'm also excited to see owner pictures and owner faceups for potato! Such a cute sculpt.
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    9. I love her Camp Half Blood outfit!
    10. What a cute photo - Is Lyra going to summer camp?
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    11. @Merlin's Mom I'm expecting them to be ready around the end of july so not much longer now! :)

      @Waflicka That's such a cute outfit! ^_^
    12. Hello Merida, Cleo, Papi and Lyra! You all look very sweet. :)

      D ~ I'm waiting until she gets here so she can tell me her personality, I'm a bit brain dead at the moment.
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    13. I always wait until they get here....whenever I've tried to pre-assign a role (or even a name) to a doll, they alway show up and go "nope, that's not it, try again". Luckily, I learned that lesson early, with my second bjd, who did a 180 from what I'd planned...
    14. I am such a bad dolly mommy. I have been saying my Odette is a Cherry, but she is Oriental Moon. She gave me an ear full a little while ago, but now I am wondering if that means Cherry is calling me to come home :roll:.
    15. I'm fifty fifty on this, sometimes I have no problems sorting out a character, other times nah! This time I have had a little trouble with one of my Luts girls, so hence the wait with Paprika. :)
    16. Oh my - the girls get to be on the first page! Grace (Grape) and Sydney (Strawberry) would love to come and meet you. [​IMG]
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