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Beautifull BJDs Why are they imposible to get and why doesn’ t any company make such

Aug 12, 2010

    1. Delete please.
    2. Companies are always going to make what people demand.

      Sure, the dolls are unique, but I personally don't find them very attractive. They have more of a porcelain doll look. And don't get me wrong, I have four porcelain dolls, but I really wouldn't know what to do with that kind of doll. I don't really find her eyes or lips very attractive in the first one.
      I have a feeling that if more people really wanted these unique dolls, the companies would start to make them. But I just don't think they are in high demand.

      It would be cool though if there was a place that did sell these at a decent price for those who really want them.
    3. Well these are very well-sculpted dolls with beautiful detail, I admit. But most BJD I see are made with the joints they have so as to have a great range of pose ability, but if these dolls are also very poseable, then I see no reason why other companies wouldn't use actual ball joints.

      Personally, it really wouldn't make much difference to me if there were more dolls like these out there. While they are beautiful, I'm into the more stylized anime-like BJD. Also, I'd be too afraid to play with a doll like this. They look like the dolls that my aunt used to collect and like they should be kept in a case for show, but I'm fond of BJDs because they can be works of art and can be played with too.
    4. It's just a matter of personal taste, to you these are the most beautiful dolls you've ever seen to someone else that accolade goes to Soom or Dollzone, etc, etc... If you wanted one of these doll's you could save up and buy from that artist. They are produced in very limited quantities or are one-offs because that is the way that artist wants to work or has the opportunity to work. It's as simple as that, there is no great conspiracy to keep these dolls from the public.

      Artists make dolls, they sell them to the public, one artist makes incredibly limited quantities and sells them at a high end price tag, another will head more for mass production (or as close as it ever gets with BJDs!) and lower prices. It's just up to the artist how they want to work and of course market forces play their part.
    5. Artists like Yoshida, or Naruto, or Koitsukihime, do not make BJD's as the board defines them. These are OOAK artist dolls cast in porcelain and clay and is a type of doll very popular with Japanese doll artists. The reason why you don't see them around here or with companies is because they are completely different kinds of dolls.

      Alice in Labyrinth makes heads that often mimic the style popular in the art doll circles, with broad, flat faces with more distorted realistic features.
    6. if most companies dont sell dolls like this, its probably because their isnt a lot of demand :/
      its pretty sad though. their should be at least a company or two selling them at affordable price
    7. The artist doll in the pictures is very lovely in her own way. However, she is really a different type of doll stylistically. Ball joints appear in many different types of dolls, but not all dolls with ball joints fall under the abjd umbrella that this particular hobby deals with. Personally, I think the doll pictured is very interesting, and I can appreciate her. However, I have no desire to own a doll in that style -- aesthetically she's not really my thing.

      As for joints, they vary from company to company, and functionality is important when it comes to abjds who get posed and handled a lot. I'm not sure that an artist doll like the above would have the need for greater posability, since they aren't meant to be handled as much.
    8. For me, I don't care much for the dolls you posted. The face and hands look puffy to me. Personally I don't care for the ankle or knee joints on the second doll. To me it isn't beautiful, but that is only my opinion. *shrug*

      I think if you love them, then you should save up and buy what you like. :) Not everyone has the same tastes, and that is why there are so many different BJD brands and they all have their own unique styles. To each their own! ;)
    9. Short answer? No, I wouldn't like to see more dolls like those, they do nothing for me, they look closer to the antique BJD's made in Germany and Europe to be honest and that may well be why other companies don't make them, because there's very little demand for them.

      If you like them, go for it and buy them, everyone has a different taste and there's a doll for everyone, maybe you just found the one for you :)
    10. These dolls are truly exquisite!

      I do believe some of our abjd come close - as close as is possible - to this ethereal porcelain ArtDoll look. Are you familiar with Dollmore's Lusion?
    11. Seconding this. Lusion's joints are very similar as are her facial features.
    12. I have been a fan of Yoshida and Koitsukihime since I stumbled across them by accident. They are very costly so I only own their books. I also happen to love Alice in Labyrinth and I do find they have those antique doll faces. My Alice was actually painted to look like an antique porcelain doll, painted by Sdink and you can see her in my avatar. Art dolls will always be around and I will always enjoy looking at them.
      Zagzagael is correct when she points out Dollmore's Lusion. She looks very similar to these girls. She just happens to be huge or I would definitely own one.
      People's taste will always be different not every doll is everyones cup of tea. Some people like only one company, some only like boy or girl dolls. I think there is always a market for dolls no matter what their style.
    13. There is a technical reason for joints like knees and elbows not being these classic "ball" shapes--the ball joints don't let the doll stand unsupported or hold "locked" poses -- and abjd owner prefer the extra posability that the locking joints provide. Glorydoll makes some facial sculpts that resemble the doll in the OP, if you like the sweet, almost Victorian look, and pose nicely as well.
    14. I agree with what others have said, she looks very similar to a Dollmore Lusion doll. I think with the right blushing, faceup, clothes, and wig you'd be very satisfied with her look. As for the actual ball joints, modern ABJDs used to have joints like that but they're not very good. The doll can't pose well and the legs tend to spin around backwards. I had to hot glue suede and really tighten the strings on my old Volks girl to help with these problems. Doll makers are constantly trying to come up with new ways to improve stability and poseability while keeping the sculpt beautiful.
    15. I personally wouldn't want this doll because her apperance scares me. ^_^; If you love her, though, I echo the suggestion to save up for one!
    16. This doll indeed has a very antique look to me. Her face reminds me of some of those by Secret Doll, while her body puts me in mind of the new BJD that artist Ping Lau has sculpted for Charisma. Thanks for sharing the photos, she's got the look of an old-fashioned child, like one you might see in a Renaissance painting. :)
    17. I have to echo the recommendation to take a look at Dollmore's Lusion series. In my weaker, 'maybe if I win the lottery' moments, I've even considered one. They echo a lot of the traits you're describing here, but are made of resin like the dolls on the board rather than porcelain. I was initially creeped out by them considerably because they reminded me of my mother's porcelain dolls -- one of which is to this day wearing one of my toddler dresses... :?:atremblin:eek: :aeyepop:*_* :shudder:...( ...but I'm slowly getting past it. (Seriously, growing up with that thing in the house it is a miracle I love dolls... )

      The locking joints for resin, I suspect, have to do with the material as well. Resin isn't likely to shatter if you stand a doll unaided and it tumbles. A porcelain doll? Can shatter. People generally aren't going to pose them standing without a secondary stand propping them up; locking joints on a porcelain doll would be less practical. (Also, I suspect the ridges and locks and thinner walled resin structures of some internal joints would not be as secure in porcelain. I would not want to see the EID elbow in porcelain, for instance.)
    18. First.Thank you all for the replies :) Second. Yes I know about Lusion Dhalia, and since long shes one of my most favorite bjds, but her price, size and price once again are far beyond my possibilities..:( There are a lot of sculpts that resemble
      these dolls, but Im mainly referring to the body and the ball joints. And if Dhalia can stand by herself then so can these dolls. And besides no bjd should be left standing by itself without a stand. I admit, everyone has its own liking, I for my part dislike animeish dolls..I do think ball joints work well, if not best, as bjd joints. Proove can be the dolls made by http://www.youtube.com/user/hanano001 wich are realistic, use ball joints and are amazing at posing. Unfornutaly his dolls arent for sale either..
      I was planing several times to make my own bjd with the Yoshida style bjd making guide, but easier said than done..But I may try it some day.. I do like other companies like Dollzone or Ainai and others, but these stay to be my dream dolls:aheartbea.
      And if dollmore could make Dhalia, then other companies can make similiar dolls in the future too. I realy hope they do:)
    19. I strongly dislike those, both the sculpting and the joints, and the knees look like the doll couldn't stand well on her own, which is a major deal-breaker with me. But part of the beauty of doll collecting is that there are so many different styles, and everyone likes something different!
    20. I don't know what Dahlia is like to pose -- maybe someone with one could fill us in :) You're right in that bjds shouldn't normally be left standing unattended. However, for photoshoots and the like, they are posed (which can mean taking on all kinds of positions) and expected to hold their poses while the owner takes the pictures. Sometimes this cannot be done with stands. I'm not convinced that sticking with spherical joints is the best way to go in terms of increased stability/posability though of course it also depends on what the owner wants to do with the doll. Having a separate round ball in the wrist can be nice for added movement there, but in the ankles and knees I'm not sure that they would offer as much solid support -- I would think the tendency would be for the the leg to swivel. I think you'd also lose the ability to have double joints.

      There's definitely overlap in interests on DoA -- for instance I also like Blythes and Pullips, and some people also like fashion dolls etc. However, they are different hobbies with different needs and expectations. There is more of a need with abjds (though it may not be the case for all owners) to be able to pose their dolls like little people and to have a streamlined enough look to the joints that they're not too distracting. The kind of construction that a lot of the OOAK artist dolls have aren't going to lend themselves as well to this particular hobby. And the hobby definitely has it's own aesthetic focus. If there is enough demand, I can see companies experimenting with other styles, but I'm not sure how much demand there would be in this hobby or how far the look could be taken before stylistically they became something other than the abjds we are concerned with here.

      BTW, thanks for posting that video -- it is an interesting doll.