Beauty Green...yay or nay?

Mar 19, 2020

    1. I've been looking at a lot of pictures of dolls that have turned the fabled Beauty Green lately, and I think I'm starting to fall in love with how it looks. I was curious, do y'all like Beauty Green, or despise it? I think there's beauty in a doll changing color - there's something dreamy about it. I also just think the green is beautiful and sickly - it reminds me of how in the Victorian era looking sickly (like you had Tuberculosis) was considered beautiful and sought after.
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    2. Well you just took me on a voyage of discovery through the internets... Not sure I've seen the specific 'beauty green' you mean. Is it any greening on a doll or a particular shade from a particular type of resin? I have seen a beautiful deliberately-green doll before, that was blushed in beautifully contrasting shades of pink. It looked like springtime.
    3. Here you go! From what I understand, it's something only early 2000s dolls made by Luts/CP made in white skin can do when they age, probably due to the red dye in the resin becoming unstable. The term "beauty green" just describes the shade of resin when it's aged. It's kinda hard to find pictures of, but there's some pictures here in DOA.
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    4. That picture you linked looks pretty cool in my opinion! Very elf-like.
    5. I actually have always rather liked it! It gives me a sort of feeling of nostalgia and it’s actually quite a pretty color. I am glad I can finally put a name to it!! :aheartbea
    6. Honestly, as long as it's fairly even, I really like Beauty Green as well. I've always thought it was pretty, in a slightly-dead sort of way. (Reminds me a bit of some of the skin tones in MH dolls, which I also appreciate.)
    7. I don't mind green resin dolls, but I wouldn't want my dolls turning green due to aging poorly or mishandling them, or other accidental mistakes. If I recall correctly (great memory was never one of my attributes even when I was younger), the CP/Luts resin that was turning green was only one (or a few) bad batch(es) of resin, and I can't say whether a lot of them are still around. I think there was LE El (or maybe other sculpts) that was one of the unlucky sculpts cast in those batches, but it was more of an accident than something that would normally happen to all CP/Luts dolls of that time. Although, yellowing will occur to all resins given time, as well as getting pitting and disintegrate over the years, I want to preserve my own dolls for as long as I'm alive and are able to. I don't find yellowed dolls ugly, but I just rather avoid it as much as I can with my own dolls. (:
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    8. I have a beauty green El who has a very special place in my collection. And oddly enough, I also have an old Shushu head that has a green tint. I holds its own color place ❤❤❤
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    9. It looks pretty. Unexpected resin changes can be rough but at the same time, if you know what you're getting in for they can be quite attractive.
      I have a dyed doll here which is nylon, not resin, but for some reason his green is oxidising and he's slowly turning PURPLE! it's utterly bizarre, i've never seen anything like it.

      Red is usually the unstable pigment, hence why you get pale faced vinyl dolls too, some of them turn a sickly green as well.

      I mean on the one hand, i'd be disappointed of a doll i'd gotten in a specific colour ceased to be that specific dang colour, but if I was buying secondhand? A pale greenish white could be quite pretty, much as the mellowed cream of a lot of white skin dolls as they age is quite attractive.
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    10. i have a PeaksWoods Briana from 2010, and while not technically the “beauty green” of Luts/CP, she has substantial greening nonetheless. She‘s an early tan skin doll from the company, and obviously the tan resin from her batch wasn’t all that stable and faded and “greened” wherever it wasn’t covered by clothing. I purchased her here in the second-hand marketplace, and the seller was completely above-board and honest about her uneven greening. But she was a gorgeous Peakswoods doll at a great price, and I figured I could adjust the greening with some judicious blushing once she arrived. But when she came home, I found the greening of her tan resin quite compelling and etherial. It was truly love at first sight, so I gave up the corrective blushing idea completely and kept her as-is...working the faded green into her character instead as my beloved Second-hand Rose.:)

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    11. Most of my dolls are beauty green and all in different stages of it. It's the older Luts/CP resin that ages into a "green" color. I notice it more on my WS dolls as my NS ones get more yellow with a hint of green.

      I'm partial to it, resin is going to age regardless of the company. Obviously you don't want to sit your dolls out in direct sun exposure, but I do think that it adds more realistic color tones to the resin.

      On my Vampire Shiwoo who is WS, the yellowing/greening works in my favor. I was able to blush him with blues and reds and he has a very sickly appearance, Which is what I was going for in a Vampire.

      I'm sure it ultimately boils down to personal preference.
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    12. Green is too zombie-like for my liking.

      I can cope with yellow (I think it;s an improvement over many too-pink "niormal" skintones for BJD) but not green.

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    13. We have a couple of old BW CPs in the house, and while it’s definitely not a color that I think you can use for a healthy human character, they’re both ghosts. The color just feels like part of their characters.
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    14. I looked at your boy, and oh is he beautiful! His skin is amazing:3nodding:

      Your Shuhei is so beautiful!!!! I'm in love:love

      Oh she's lovely!!
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    15. Beauty Green really doesn’t work for me as all of my doll characters are modern day (living and relatively healthy) humans, but I think it would work very nicely for ghosts, vampires, ghouls and other fantasy creatures! So while I probably wouldn’t buy one, I do think they definitely have their place within the hobby and aren’t ‘ruined’ at all.
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    16. I haven't seen a Luts Beauty Green in a while. IIRC, they were particularly unstable too and went green fast.
      I don't have too much of a place for it, since I'd prefer to be more green if I'm going to go green, but my Soom Sov was a bear to paint in a way I was happy with, so I'm not terribly likely to pick up another green doll anytime soon.
      I love seeing the older dolls though. I at one point thought my 09 Soom NS had yellowed really bad when I got my 12 Soom NS, who was super pink. Seems it was just a batch change over time, because they're still exactly the same.
    17. Oh goodness, OP! I think I'm getting that feeling too. As I was looking at these photos, I got sense of nostalgia, comfort, and a little elegance. I guess I just haven't realized all the things I find beautiful yet.
    18. Maybe I just haven't researched enough, but from the scientific literature I've read on how urethane and polyurethane ages, urethane-based resin shouldn't disintegrate. It ages by adding atoms, not by losing them. Now, vinyl will disintegrate, as it ages by losing atoms. And, of course, the plastic these companies use has been improved over the years, and this could very well be a problem with improperly produced/mixed urethane.
    19. Luts accidental beauty green was only seen in dolls from I think summer either 2005 or 2006. It was a very short run, but it happened to be during a HUGE popularity for Luts Delfs. So popular that I had to stay up late and wait for the restock button to appear and buy my doll before they were sold out again in minutes.The only dolls they had released up until that time were El, Lishe, Soo, Shiwoo, Chiwoo, Woosoo and maybe Yder and Moon? It had to do with the resin and curing process at the time during some very humid months.

      I had a green El. I like it at the time because it made the El head I bought resin match perfectly to a Ltd White Volks body I had. Eventually I reshelled and sold my El/Volks hybrid. He wasn't the greenest of the green dolls though, just a touch more banana yellow/green.

      I have a friend with a really old Souldoll (Lune or Aster), from their original french resin formula. He got too much sunlight and turned the color of old butter. Turns out it worked for her because her character was in some stage of liver failure.
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    20. I actually read about industrial use of PU resin before purchasing BJD a zillion years ago, because it wasn't as popular crafting material other than for garage kits at the time, and those are really not repainted once they are painted. I wanted to know what I could expect from it, since I didn't really customized any other toy up until then, but mostly I wanted to know how it would hold up over the years. Exposure to extremely hot temperatures, light and other elements makes the resin warp, yellow and pit, based on my readings on that. I'm also talking based on a thread on the Customization and Maintenance sub-forum, where a DoA user tested parts or chips of a BJD out in the sun, with direct exposure to it for various days, and that's what happened to it as well -- except for the warping, if I recall correctly. It pitted and started falling apart in some areas. I'm unsure if that's what would happen only if exposed to the elements, and not if kept solely indoors, but what I was implying with disintegrate is pretty much the pitting making the pieces fall apart. Not literally disappearing off the face of the earth, or molecule by molecule, but fall apart as it is usually the implied meaning of disintegrate (like a rotting corpse, although those would go through further "disintegration, due to them being eaten by maggots and being partially absorbed by the soil around them, once the coffin starts to break down). I would link the thread for you, but I'm too lazy to go look for it. It's still there though, if you are curious and search for it. (:

      Edit, I"m OCD, so I went and searched for the thread. Here it is, if you are curious. Sadly, the image the OP used only partially shows up for me. I'm not sure if it's my ISP sucking, or the state of the internet as a whole in the USA, as we are now. There's not much discussion about the pitting, if I recall correctly, but there was a lot of it, in the photos, if I recall correctly (old age). DX
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