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Beauty White Dolls: Any regrets??

Mar 15, 2005

    1. I tried to search and couldn't really find this, so if it's been asked already, I'm sorry, I did try!!

      I am considering (and saving for, LOL) a BW Soony. I'm not 100% sure I should get a BW or a regular one; I have seen some BWs I think are so, so pretty (can you say Kitten Princess???), but I'm afraid I will think she is just too pale and too washed out in my already crappy photos and I'll regret my choice.

      I'm also afraid I won't find her as easy to dress, that she just won't look "right" in a lot of the clothes I want to put her in, and she'll end up doomed to wear white, cream, and pale pink all the time, you know?

      So c'mon you BW owners, tell me your stories! :D
    2. Hi Sher,

      I have a regular skin DES and a BW Lishe. I absolutely LOVE Thea, my Lishe. The BW is so ethereal. I find that she looks incredible in everything I put on her, all eye colors, all hair colors. In fact I like blonde and platinum wigs on her more than on the regular skin Soo. I think the only bad thing is she doesn't display perfectly with the darker skin, as it is very very pale. But even that isn't awful.

      Here is Thea with Ange's Zen:

    3. Another pic of Thea

    4. OK, last two.

      Just showing that she defintiely doesn't need to wear cream or white.

    5. I didn't know you had a DES too and I did NOT realize that Thea was a BW! oh thren they are beautiful photos, wow. She does look great in blonde hair. Love the shot of her in the black pants with the long blonde wig. OOOO. Gorgeous!!!
    6. I don't regret the white skin at all...but then again that's sort of my preference for dolls. I'll probably end up having more BW dolls then regular skin tone dolls in the end. But CP white is a very stark white...I think it's gorgeous. Can't imagine my boy Kiryuu being in any other skin tone.
    7. I just took these. I guess i just want to show them off. And show you her versatility som more!

    8. Your girl is truly and absolutely beautiful... I'm wondering if you did her face-up, or if the people you ordered her from did? A friend of mine just ordered Shiwoo, Chiwoo and Sooney, all with face-ups, so I'm looking at every Luts ordered doll I come across!!!
    9. I painted her face myself :)

      I'm glad you like her - she is my darling. I still haven't even taken pics of my poor Soo... or named her... Thea gets all the spotlight.
    10. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Do you mind if I ask what brand of paint you use? I absolutely love... well... everything about the faceup!
    11. I use professional quality Golden Fluid MAtte Acrylics and some Liquitex jar acrylics, along with pastels for light shading. Not sure what the pastels are - they were just a simple set I got at Michael's. Here eyebrows, lips, eyeliner are acrylic and all of the shading is pastel.

      I'm learning to use my airbrush, so hopefully I can graduate from pastels soon :)
    12. Both of my dolls (and all five heads!) are BW and I think they're gorgeous! My elf El is a little yellower than my elf Lishe, but they're both a wonderful, luminous color, like real cream or alabaster in the sun. I put them in all sorts of color and love black, so they definately don't have to wear white clothes or pale wigs! How you photograph them will affect them too. Most times my El doesn't look white skinned at all! Here's (several!!) examples...

      Raziel looking normal ( as in white!)

      Raziel looking like a normal skinned doll

      My girl as her porcelain pale self

      And looking like she's Barbie color

      They also look great in wigs of every color of the rainbow!

      Hope that wasn't waaaay too many photos. (If so I'll take them down!)
    13. Egads, I have an airbrush too, which I really should learn to use ^^ I'll have to pick up some of the paints though, the only ones I have at the moment are Testors for customizing MLP and craft acrylic :barf !!
    14. My sharmin is a "beauty white", and man, she is WHITE! :o

      I love the whiteness of her resin. She looks so great in dark and light clothes. I am seriously tempted to start only purchasing beauty white dolls. I really like how they look so luminescent in the right light. :)

      I have no regrets getting my sharmin. She's awesome. :)
    15. The only time I've ever regretted having two BW boys is when I'm trying to get close ups and forget to turn off the flash. Because that's bright. Apart from that, I love the BW skin. Especially the CP BW skin. It looks wonderful.
    16. Sher,
      I have a CP BW Elf Shiwoo, and I love him.
      I had a CP normal skin El, and he was very "creamy" colored.....not sure if I'd get another normal skintone, or go for BW, if I ever get another El.

      The Volks snow I love.....Kohya is gorgeous, almost translucent in his pureskin.
      Sasha is lovely, too.

      I do agree that with a flash it is hard to make them seem "alive", but overall I love the BW!

      The standard DOD resin is quite white, as is my SecretDoll Yomo.....and I know you have DOD dolls......if you like them, you should like most BW's I think.

      Honestly, I think any doll's coloring is dependent on the faceup.....so much can be done with skillful shading.

    17. After getting my first BW I understand now. I love it
      The Unoas are almost as light as the CH BW. I think I will be a convert and order the BW from now on if possible.
      Who was it who just listed all her regular dolls for sale and was going all BW???

      Although that sun tanned skin is neat too!
      SO many choices
    18. This is so neat seeing everyone's pix! I LOVE the picture of the elf lishe in the bright red wig with her hair tucked behind her elven ear and her hand near her face. :chibi :chibi Love, love love.

      I am still torn, not ready to order yet anyway, but...! Friday in the gallery is a BW soony and she looks like old hollywood glamour in her fire red wig. Oh My. And the pix on the luts site of the set, with the sleeping face, that's a bw doll, and I think she's so pretty with her pale pink lipstick. Sigh!! What do I do what do I DOOO?

      LOL... these are wonderful opinions everyone! Does anybody have a downside the want to share - if you don't want to post it, PM me. I really want everybody's opinions, good AND bad. :D
    19. Mystic says 'Thank you.' :blush (She's so vain! :grin: )
    20. I, too, have a BW Shiwoo elf. :) I also have a normal skin tone El elf. :)

      While I find I do have some problems taking pictures of the BW (the flash can really be a problem if I take pix at night or in low lighting and really bright sunlight I have a problem with too), in some ways I find him more versatile. I have wigs of many colours and styles and all of them look good with the BW skin. However, with my El, I found I really don't like light wigs on him. To me he only looks good in dark wigs. Obviously it's personal taste, but that's my opinion on my normal toned doll. I can't say I'd choose one over the other right now and I don't have any dolls from another company to compare BW tones from those companies. I do plan on getting a Chiwoo sometime in the future and right now I'm having a hard time deciding what skin tone to get. I guess I'm kinda in the same boat as you in a way.

      I'd post a pic or two of them together but my computer's being a complete P.O.S. and not letting me post pix at all no matter what I do - it won't let me right-click-save anything either. :evil:

      Loki's Mom