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Being Judged For Only Having Tinies?

May 22, 2009

    1. Hey,

      I'm a fairly new member, and actually overall fairly new to BJDs in general. Now, I've seen other BJDs (have a few rt friends with them) but wasn't until I got my first two (both tinies) that I realized how much I liked them, how much I adored Tinies really, so much so that I have three more tinies on the way (yes carefully planed, and wanted, and two are on a 2-3 month layway so they aren't all arriving at once)

      Now, I've added some people from DOA to chat with on AIM and I feel like I am being judged for only having Tinies, and wanting tinies. I feel like people are looking down on me for only wanting them. Saying that I had finally ordered the puki i wanted (before my first two dolls) to another member resulted in a lecture on why I wasn't saving for at the very least an MSD. It just makes me so angry. Just because I enjoy tinies doesn't mean I love them less, or spoil them less. Or that I can't see the beauty in larger size dolls.

      Does anyone else feel this way about having only tinies? Or maybe it's because I am still a newbie? Am I just being sensitive? Any and all thoughts would be awesome

      (If this isn't appropriate or in the wrong forum. I'm sorry, please delete / move / lock if necessary)

      *edit* this wasn't meant to be a personal rant.....it was more to figure out if anyone else has exceprenced something like this.
    2. I'm not sure why people would judge you for only having and wanting tinies since you love them. I wouldn't worry about what other people think, really, because if you're collecting dolls for yourself, it's your own happiness with the dolls that matters.

      There are people who are going to be unkind no matter what you like, and those are probably the people you're encountering in regards to your preference for tinies. I would try to ignore them as much as possible.
    3. I'm new like you and haven't come across anything like this yet. My first purchases were all tinies and honestly, there's a great group of members here in the Puki threads, the Little Fee threads etc...

      I honestly think you should buy/collect the ones that bring you happiness and joy, don't let others pressure you into purchases you aren't ready to make, or don't want to make. It's better to save and spend for the tinies you want rather than spend your hard earned money on a different doll that you really don't want. :)
    4. Yeah, this is probably better on livejournal or some other forum but I also just think you probably added the wrong people. Everyone here in the tiny forum has been nice and enthusiastic and while I only have a couple of tinies, I understand it's all about preference. People pick the dolls they do for all sorts of reasons, enjoy your dolls for you and don't worry about the rest. It gets tiring and this hobby really is all about having fun with toys.
    5. I'm sorry to hear that anyone would say that to you. Come visit the puki/little fee/brownie/tiny threads! (We have cookies!) Me, I've had from puki's to Sd, and I still like the tinys best! I started with the tinies too. Only problem I have with the little ones now is who to take with me, as I can no longer fit all of them in my purse! I do like my MSD's, and plan on a SD boy some day, but my tiny list, I'm sure it has a stopping place. Some where. Get what you like!
    6. I am pretty sure it has more to do with whom you added to your list.

      I do not think there is anything wrong with only wanting and owing tinies. I have tiny addiction too. There are many tiny only collectors here too.
    7. Absolutely not! What you choose to collect and love is *your* business and no one else's and anyone who would look down on a person for that is full of nothing but their own insecurities. One of the most well-respected doll collectors on this board is Tinybear and she collects tinies almost exclusively. I don't think you have anything to worry about, at all. Who cares what a bunch of narrow-minded twats think? And to criticize you for ordering a Puki? Have they seen the Puki thread on here? It's already on the seventh thread and going strong. If anything, I'd be wondering why on earth they didn't want one!

      At any rate, cheer up and find a better class of friend to chat dolls with ;)
    8. Troop Tiny and I have been recruiting and providing ambassadorship for years now, luring others to the way of the Tiny. It's been nearly two years since I bought a doll larger than a Yo. It's a passion. I have dolls of all sizes, but it's my tinys that hold my heart, and Fee in particular. If anyone else thinks me odd for it, tough for them. I like my tinys just fine, thank you.

      I say, tell 'em to piss off.
    9. Wel, I certainly don't have only tinies (or any, for that matter, but I'm working on it!) but I see no reason why anyone would judge you or any other BJD collector negatively for only having tinies. All aspects of dolls, including their size, are truly a matter of personal taste. There certainly are different "collector crowds" here on DoA but I like to think we all get along and share our love of BJD's in a friendly manner. ^^ Perhaps they misunderstood and thought you were buying a Puki instead of a bigger doll you wanted just 'cause it was cheaper? Otherwise I can't think of any reason to discourage you from a Puki. :?

      Tinies are pretty darn popular, especially since they seem to have a way of winning over people who don't plan to have tinies. Just look at Soom's Glot and Glati, lol. And ditto Krissy's observation -- the Pukis have invaded DoA, and it sure isn't 'cause they're undesirable! ;)

      Welcome to the hobby, and I hope you enjoy that adorable Puki you ordered. :)
    10. Thanks everyone for the support. It's making me feel like maybe I was over reacting but have a right to basically tell the people i was talking to bugger off.

      Also, as edited above in the original post I didn't mean to rant, I was just looking to see if anyone else had found themselves in a similar situation.
    11. Yeah, I would tell them to bugger off. It'll make you feel much better, and give them the hint that their comments are unappreciated.
    12. Honestly? Those people are jerks and you probably shouldn't be talking to them. Tell them to shove their elitism somewhere else. People like that make me mad. I had to link this thread to my roomie and we've been ranting to each other about it. It's the same argument with the "cheaper" dolls where people will look down on you for not spending your kidney and the the lives of your future children on something. It's not always about the price, dammit! Maybe we like these things!

      I've been looking around at tinies recently and they're so cute! ^.^ I will be acquiring a couple at some point for a few of my characters, and I can totally see your fascination with them. Make good friends, and stay away from the downers. <3
    13. I've experienced this too. I went to a lovely Doll meet, but it was focused on SDs and when someone asked what dolls I'd brought I pointed to them and they replied 'oh, tinies' !!!! And only one or two people were actually interested in my tinies. In fact my poor little Florrie was ignored apart from to comment on the size of her head (she's a Lati Yellow and can't help that her head is big).

      Hence this was one of the reasons Mimisstuff and I decided to hold a tinies only meet-up (currently transforming into a 'convention' lol), to appreciate tinies only. I like the bigger ones too, but I do prefer tinies, but I do see that some people regard them as the poor relation. This was shown in a thread I was reading the other day when someone compared the price per inch of resin, to show how expensive tinies were!! So what, if that's what you want, I'd rather have 10cm of expensive resin than 60cm anyday!!!!!
    14. I think some people find tinies to be too expensive for the amount of resin that you get. Unfortunately, that's not where the money goes, in my opinion. Tinies get fantastic faceups, great sculptures and they probably still take just as much time to string up! In fact, I kinda think we're lucky they generally cost less than their bigger cousins!

      But I do think that's what some people are thinking. That the amount of resin is so little compared to MSD and SD, yet the cost is only 1/4 or more of SD's. So they think you're over spending :P But you're not! (in my opinion, LOL)

      That is, if spending this kind of money on a hobby could be considered sane spending...
    15. Lol, I only like tinies! I was at a meet with the big 'uns and whilst I was awed they were too big for me :) Everyone there was nice and said how small she was. Just say you'd thought about an MSD but you know they'd be too big for you. With tinies the money goes into the sculpting so they can be more than that proportion of resin should cost: no problems here! A doll that poses well and fits in a normal handbag :P
    16. I haven't come across this attitude but then I've never been to a meet up or met another bjd collector in the flesh, so to speak! I have all sizes of bjds but those little tinies do really grab your heart, and as others have said, they are so portable.
      I would try to either ignore these people or find a different group of people to hang out with.
      Just enjoy!
    17. I don't see why anyone should be judged for only having tinies. After all, we're all collecting the same thing- ball-jointed dolls. The size is our choice!

      For the record, I have my first BJD's- two 11cm Brownies coming in the mail. But when I can afford him, my dream doll is a 63cm IpleHouse Mars! xD
    18. I have 3 larger sized girls, 5 of 43cm girls, and the dolls I play with the most are the tinies, 30cm and under I just love them, I have Ante, Bisou UU, Lucy notdoll, Freyja and Bambicrony Vivienne, and planning to get more
    19. I do have a person on my AIM list that only collects SDs and another that only has MSDs.

      If anything they think it's FUNNY that I only like tinies...and how passionate I am about my Pukis...it's the SAME passion they have for dolls of their favorite size.

      We sometimes lack in things to talk about...but we learn stuff about each others' favorite dolls in the end!
    20. Price per resin inch has to be one of the stupiest things I've ever heard. :roll: I suppose these are the type of people who would rather have a big fake diamond than a small real diamond? There are going to be cheap dolls and exspensive dolls, and they will be in every size and color of the rainbow. If you love the doll, that is all that matters. :3nodding:

      Anyway, it's your money, spend it how you like, and don't listen to fools.

      There's going to be a meetup for tinies? Oh man, I wish I could go. Maybe in a year or two. :...(