Bella Bambi

Nov 23, 2006

    1. I hear talk of Bella Bambi and see nothing sold on Bambicrony website, sorry if Bella is msd and in the wrong section, I don't know!

      Does anyone know what they are and when they come out?

      thank you^^
    2. From BC message board:
      The Height of Ciao Bella Dolls are 26cm

      and about the Bella Bambi...
      We havent set the exact date of yet,
      only information we can give you right now is
      will in in July and will be smaller

      thanks for visitin' Bambi Crony ^^
    3. they are smaller! Earlier in the year someone asked and they posted this on Q&A board:

      They said July but its passed so maybe next year..
    4. oh thank you very much! I was looking on the message board but didn't know how far back to look, many times questions are locked. ^___^
    5. remember there is a working search function on their message board. Its very helpful in answering questions!
    6. This is the reply I got when I enquired about the size ot the Bella Bambi dolls and when they would be available.

      Hello thanks for visiting bambi site.

      Ciao bella and bella Bambi dolls are total different size.
      We will show up bella bambi doll in this dec.
      It will be about 42cm.
      It will be so lovely and realistic.
      Hope everybody likes our new line.
      Thanks hv a good one :)

    7. ohh, maybe they meant the ciao bambi's would be smaller, and got their english messed up

      Cause I was assuming the bella dolls would be MSD sized as well.
    8. any more news about BB? they didnt show up in Dec did they?
    9. That was me asking Bambi Crony about the Bella Bambi size last May or June. I checked the web site daily for what seems like forever ... but, then gave up waiting for them. I would really love to have one (or two!) in this size, though.

      Maybe someday they will come.

    10. Wow i wish Bella ones are smaller coz i cant imagine the cute faces in MSD size XD