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BENEFIT SALE-- "Ultimate Narae" cover doll to benefit Artist Assn. Upcoming Event

Sep 29, 2008

    1. To benefit the International Association for BJD Artists
      Workshop- Retreat 2008



      "Holiday Narae" the cover doll for Doll Reader magazine in 2006....
      you will receive an autographed copy with your doll purchase if you win this auction.

      Here she is on Ebay

      To help pay for equipment and supplies for this event.. which was a lot this time due to the need to purchase two ovens to allow the artists to cure their headsculpts, and much molding and casting equipment for the classes.. we are auctioning off this extremely rare and desireable Narae.

      She is pristine, stored in a vault for the past two years, and the magazine has a two-page article on how she was created in a collaboration between three different countries. Also there is an original holiday fairy tale, where Narae comes to life in a doll shop.





      I am the author of the article and the fairytale, and although they are copyrighted to Doll Reader, I know the publisher supports artist education and won't mind : -) (Thank you Susan!)

      Illustrations are by my dear friend, Paul Pham of Dollcis. This was our very first collaboration together.

      We appreciate your support and will have some other goodies to auction off for this benefit during this week before the artist workshop.

      Thank you for supporting international doll artists.