Berdine Creedy Tiny Dolls

Jun 28, 2016

    1. I looked through the treads and didn't see one for these dolls. I also looked to see if they were OT, but it doesn't look like they are. I only have two and her new little elves are really very cute. This is her web site Berdine Creedy Index. Does anyone else collect these? Here is a photo of my little one that I call Little Miss Africa [​IMG]
    2. Another photo of her - just in case anyone has some to share. This is a better picture of her face.[​IMG]
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    3. Although thhis thread is old I shall add a pic of my Tales Tailor, my Pipi in person:

      Taylor in person.
      Taylor in person.

      You can see more in my flickr... Face up by me.
    4. dollecstasy she is a cutie and great face up. I'm not sure why these dolls aren't more popular. The resin is great, they are strung very well and pose beautifully. Thank you for sharing Taylor.
    5. I totally agree with your comment. The poseability is remarkable. I love their faces as well. I think one reason they are not so popular is that their are limited. This is a pity. However posting pics is the only way, I think, we can keep them alive. I intend to take some pics and post them here.
    6. Great I look forward to seeing them. When I get my other girl in her new outfit I will try to get a photo of her too.