Best 1/3 female body

Aug 2, 2020

    1. Hi!

      What do you think is the best 1/3 sized female body? Both in looks and posing, that is, so nice sculpting with even proportions, and great engineering with clever jointing. I personally love the look of the Supia ballerina body, hope I could get my hands on one to try posing it!
    2. I honestly love the new Dollshe elegant body for 60 cm! I love the interchangeable breast plates and the elegant hands!
    3. For me, it’s a tie between Luts Delf, Impldoll Model and LoongSoul 58cm. They’re all beautiful and pose well!
    4. I think my girl's Granado Female Nuevo body looks lovely, even if her legs love to go wonky. But boypink's muscle girl loosks gorgeous. I only have one female body though, so I guess I don't have much experience...
    5. Twigling. Far and away, you cannot beat Twigling, form all the dolls I've ever owned. They're customizable (two torso lengths, two thigh types, 4 chest options, and three hand options), come in a stunning array of resin colours, and they pose really well. the joints are all well thought out, and look good extended. I swore, I'd never be able to afford one, and once I got one, I got a second, and then two more on order. Mine range in size from about 65 cm (short torso/long thigh) to an on-order girl at 60 (short/short) and another at 67 (long/long), and the 2 on order look like totally different bodies, because really all they have in common is the arms, shins, and feet.
    6. Unfortunately, there simply is no such thing :P It's a cop out, but really, what you gain on one doll, you lose somewhere else. The most pose-able is going to suffer aesthetically and the closer to perfection, will cost far more $$$

      But I'll say what I have and my opinions on them:

      Fairyland FL60 body and Moe. Moe poses really well, but aesthetically it's not my favorite, Iiked the FL60 body better, which also posed well but neither are not realistic, and I tend to like realistic. But I have others that are indeed realistic and thus I don't mind, and actually like that they are different.

      Iplehouse SID She looks great, and in my opinion poses really well. A lot of people disagree on that though. They are big, and a little stiff, especially at first, but they are quite capable of being natural and relaxed IMO, but can't point their toes much... can put on heeled feet for that though?? People hate their ankles, but I think they're the most realistic, so???

      Impldoll Star and Idol (FGB) Best bang for the buck, but they're a bit stiff and heavy!. Hard to make them look relaxed but not impossible. Hold poses, and stand like a rock.... speaking of which, I've used a small rock in the joints to hold a position... or was that a stick... no it was a stick, LOL. But I wanted my boy to sit on a rock (yah, I knew there was a rock in there) an lean forward so I stuck a stick in his lower waist joint to make him lean forward enough.
      Impldoll Star boy is stiff, he only has a 2 piece torso, and I prefer the FGB with 3 pieces.

      Luts Delf I really like the type 5 body a lot, and the type 4, which is single jointed, may be single jointed, but it's really nice and easy to pose. Lovely bodies. But like Fairyland, not a realistic doll

      Loongsoul 58 bloom body is amazing, I could do so many poses with that doll. Probably the best poser I've ever had, but it's not realistic. Shoulders are too narrow for the head I put on, which is a realistic head. But I need the character to skateboard, and that Loongsoul body can do it all! And hold the pose!! It's not realistic though. I think I'm going to put shoulder pads on her outfit :D Note they are no more narrow than a Fairyland or Luts doll, and one of those types of heads would look better on it even so they're much bigger than the one I have on the body now.

      Supia 65 and new ballerina are great bodies, and pose naturally. The earlier double jointed body looks great with some of my doll heads, but are frankly so unstable that I don't try to make them stand. The single jointed original body which is no longer available is stable and good.

      And that's all I have in the big boys and girls. Hope that helps?
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