Best 1/3 female body

Aug 2, 2020 at 3:59 PM

    1. Hi!

      What do you think is the best 1/3 sized female body? Both in looks and posing, that is, so nice sculpting with even proportions, and great engineering with clever jointing. I personally love the look of the Supia ballerina body, hope I could get my hands on one to try posing it!
    2. I honestly love the new Dollshe elegant body for 60 cm! I love the interchangeable breast plates and the elegant hands!
    3. For me, it’s a tie between Luts Delf, Impldoll Model and LoongSoul 58cm. They’re all beautiful and pose well!
    4. I think my girl's Granado Female Nuevo body looks lovely, even if her legs love to go wonky. But boypink's muscle girl loosks gorgeous. I only have one female body though, so I guess I don't have much experience...
    5. Twigling. Far and away, you cannot beat Twigling, form all the dolls I've ever owned. They're customizable (two torso lengths, two thigh types, 4 chest options, and three hand options), come in a stunning array of resin colours, and they pose really well. the joints are all well thought out, and look good extended. I swore, I'd never be able to afford one, and once I got one, I got a second, and then two more on order. Mine range in size from about 65 cm (short torso/long thigh) to an on-order girl at 60 (short/short) and another at 67 (long/long), and the 2 on order look like totally different bodies, because really all they have in common is the arms, shins, and feet.