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Best 1/4 BJD doll bodies.

Oct 15, 2015

    1. i am looking for a doll body apart from the fairyland bodies for my Minifee Shushu, i want her character to be short so would like a BJD body that may be just a little smaller then the Minifee lines, (or just thinner). She is mean't to be a young girl that is just thinner or smaller then normal but not with any crazy body distortions such as rly large hips. smaller chest preferred. does anyone have any ideas?

    2. @jess.oates Hello! You could try checking the Dream of Doll D.O.C line. There isn't a huge difference but they are slightly smaller and soft looking than Minifees.

      Here is the DOC line: Welcome to Dream Of Doll

      And here you can see a Minifee next to a D.O.C.: LoveWithdoll
    3. thanks so much
    4. No problem, good luck!
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    5. Resinsoul has some cute bodys. Defiantly worth checking out.
    6. Well, My friends says that Minifees have the best and Luts have the worst (I dont hope so, since I have ordered a Luts kid delf.)
      But Soom have those chunky budies as far as I know. So maybe?
    7. I know you're looking for a body from some other company than Fairyland. But have you considered Chicline body? It works nicely with MNF head and gives the doll very petite feeling being shorter and skinnier body. Chicline bodies are easy to use with MNF heads, just buy a head connector from FL and the head fits in.
    8. Minifees poses well. My loongsoul is much better in posing . Resinsoul is cheap and the white matched fairyland white and they are really skinny.
    9. I don't know about the Luts Kid Delf, but the Model Delf boy has the best body ever. Mine poses better than any of my other boys and most of my girls. The girl body has the same joints available as the boys. She has a small bust option, so she need not look too mature. And even though she comes with a small head, you can buy the body by itself and substitute a larger S-hook to accommodate a Kid Delf (or similar size) head.

      The MDF girl won't work for your purpose @jess.oates because she is taller than MiniFee. I just wanted to correct the assumption that Luts bodies are bad.
    10. And what about the moe line ? But you have to swich the bust since they only sell biiiiiiiiig breasts.
    11. I am happy to hear you like LUTS.
      Since i am waiting for mine.
      But i think the problem with the Luts (for some people) is the albows and some bodies for Kid delf are sinjle jointed :)

      But what about souldoll? They have nice dolls
    12. Unless Souldoll has made vast improvements in its bodies, I'm not going there again. I've had 3 girls over the years, each on a different body. All were kicky. The faces were cute but the arms and legs were unmanageable.

      It sounds like Luts has great engineering for some its doll lines but not for others. I've never had a Kid Delf but the single jointed bodies sound like Dollmore's Kid line. I have a Kid boy whose elbows are fine but the single jointed legs can't hold a pose. He flops like a broken puppet.
    13. I love my LUTS Kid delfs.I don't even think the single jointed bodies pose that bad personally. I have three of them. True they don't do acrobatic poses but I don't find my girls that kicky at all. The new bodies they have now are double jointed and they pose really nicely.
    14. Kid delfs have the multi body which are double jointed. Kid delf bodies are much more childlike. Model delft are definitely on my wishlist. I'd say if you're looking for a shorter doll (if not interested in mini fee moe body) you could look into 35cm dolls, maybe too short but they're cool.
      Theyre unoa chibi sized I suggest bunny nine dolls by nine9style, single jointed knees though but most in this size are.
    15. May I ask you if it's possible to hybrid a Minifee head on a loongsoul body, and how good is the match? Mine is yellowed white skin but I'm also interested in knowing about fit and proportions.
    16. I really like the Dollits D.K.D. body. It poses beautifully.