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Best body?

Oct 17, 2008

    1. Hey! I've done a forum search with no results.
      I'm new and looking for my first doll.
      So I'd just like to know, which MSD body is the best in terms of proportions and posability? I don't mind the price. ^_^ Thanks!
    2. I heard that Domuya's Flexi body is very pose-able :P (they're not naming it FLEXI for nothing^^) Beside, check out the Dream of Doll bodies also!
    3. The Fairyland Minifee A-Line bodies are also very well proportioned, flexible, and posable. They're more on the mature side of minis, if that matters.
      I've also heard that Luts' Kid Delfs are also quite good, and they have less mature bodies, if you want to go that route.
    4. I would say Fairyland Minifee A-Line too but I really like mature bodies. And I love that you can get the body with whatever head and hands you want.

      Fairyland a la carte

      Lots of beautiful faces to shoose from too.

      I wouls also say that while Narae might not have the most posable body (but pretty good I think) they are a really wonderful quallety doll and they can have SO many different looks.

      It's actually a very good idea to check out owner pictures of the doll you are thinking of buying because it will give you a better feeling for how the doll really look than just the pictures on the site.

    5. You can see how the A-line body poses here:
      I don't own one yet, but it seems to be a wonderful body to pose.

      I wouldn't say DoC (dream of doll) is that great for a first doll if you think about posability. I've got some real problems posing my own.

      I'll also recommend Iplehouse's J.I.D mobility joint. They're really good posers, but the body is much bigger than most MSDs. Their butt is huge! (and have an extra butt-joint.. Hehe)
    6. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought they looked a bit...large... in that respect, haha.I love when they post pose images for the bodies though. So helpful!
    7. I'd have to say Fairy Land Minifee A line! I played with one at a meet up and she was amazing!
    8. Mini-Fee here too, played with a friend's Seorin and he was just amazing.
    9. I love this doll but wish it was a little bigger then Puki, would buy it in a snap.
      I like the tinies and this doll is just too big!
    10. I'm planning on a narae in the future, but for my first bjd I'm considering an MNF Miyu (A line body). Minifee's look like great intro dolls into the hobby, and so wonderfully posable. I love the idea of being able to buy different heads, and different hands, whenever I want to give my doll a makeover. Plus the price isn't too shabby.