Best Carry-Along Doll

Oct 24, 2019

    1. Hi everyone! I have a dilemma. I want to eventually buy a small doll that I can carry around with me when I go somewhere and I'm not sure which size is better. I've seen 16 to 19 and 27 Cm dolls and I just can't decide. Do you guys have any small dolls you take with you? Can you guys help me figure out the best size out of the ones I mentioned or that you know about?
    2. I can take my Lati dolls anywhere easily. In my purse! They are so tiny and cute. I also have YoSDs. They are only slightly bigger but they are more finicky to take along. :) The tinier, the easier!
    3. I want to get a doll for the same reason. I also want it as a sort of tinker/fidget toy since I tend to hold a doll and move their joints around so I can fidget at home. Can't exactly always carry around a 72cm boy though. I have a yosd snd she's a bit too big in my opinion to carry around all the time. Yes she's easy, but I need a bigger purse to carry her. Right now I'm looking into 1/8, such as Lati Yellow, but I'm pretty much just looking at the MP every so often to see if a tiny doll catches my eye.
    4. It really depends on what se of doll you're comfortable with handling, I suppose.

      Since I rarely go anywhere without my backpack, I can (and do) carry any doll up to AS13 size around easily.

      My really tiny BJD (RealPuki, PukiPuki, and Banji) have hard-shell glasses cases they travel in, simply for ease of locating them inside my backpack (and containing small parts), and that also makes them easy to grab and take along, whereas a bigger doll takes more thought/effort to get into the backpack among the everyday stuff that lives in there.

    5. My 20 cm Elfdoll Hanas are my go-to's for this sort of thing; they could basically fit in my pocket! I like 20 cm because they are 'small enough', they still feel like a decent size doll that is easy to buy accessories for. I have actually brought one of my Elfdolls to work with me and she just hung out under my monitors, no one said anything.
      They can basically fit in a pencil case so traveling with them is a breeze.
      Also, like someone else mentioned, I like things I can play with in my hands. Lately when I am watching a movie my Elfdolls are my go to because they can sit in the palm of my hand and their joints are so nice to play with!
      I do not have any Latis, I do have a Dreamhigh though; I do not bring my Dreamhigh everywhere like my Elfdolls because the elastic appears more fragile to me and do not want any dolly accidents.
    6. I've seen the 20 inch ones. They're so smol! I thought about that too because they're smol but not huge and stuff. ^^ Thanks you guys! I'm totally gonna look at all the stores you mentioned and see which ones I like the best!
    7. I keep my Lati White SP in an eye glasses case in my bag. She is 13cm and a perfect fit.
    8. I have a Puki Puki (the doll in my avatar), that fits in a pocket in my purse so he goes everywhere with me. He's 11 cm tall, maybe smaller than your looking for, but he's big enough to fiddle with and to set random places to take pictures. The Dollzone "Special" dolls are about 20 cm tall, so they're travel size too.
    9. I think I saw the PukiPukis, they're so cute! So cute and smol. hehe
    10. Depends on what you will be doing/carrying...I always bring one or more of the Troop when I travel. Fee always goes, because I can keep her in my pocket in her pouch and bring her out quickly for a picture without much notice. She's slightly smaller than a Puki, and she has traveled all over. If I know I'm going to be someplace where I have either a bag with me or a place to keep a larger package, I take one of my Yos as well. I like being able to bring a Yo, because they seem to get the better reaction from the people around me, and I often get a lot of curious questions when I'm photographing/posing a Yo that I don't get when it's just Fee. It may be that they're more of a traditional doll size, or just that it's more noticeable.
    11. Hmm, that's true. I usually go shopping and end up with lots of bags so bringing a Yo with me is kind of hard to carry around and hold bags at the same time.
    12. I used to carry a BJD bunny from camellia dynasty around with me. Super tiny, no clothes, shoes or wigs to fiddle with either.
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    13. I have sd, msd, yosd, and lati size bjd, and when i travel overseas, hike, and or walk in the woods or mountainous areas, i find that lati/ pukifee size is the most convenient to take out and take pics. Yosd is ok, it just takes more effort to take out, and put him or her back in to her carrier and then to my bag.

      I love my minifees but i think it really takes me much more longer to set her up and then take her pictures.
    14. Oh my gosh your bunny baby is so cute!

      Hmmm, that size would work if you're traveling a bunch true. I don't travel much so hmm I'm kinna considering a tiny yosd? That's the kinna 19 Cm and 20 CM babies right? I forget
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    15. I have a pukipuki I bought to travel with, but I haven't done much with it yet. It's fairly easy to fimd stuff on etsy for them. I also like them for how discrete they are. Throw them in my skirt pocket or bag. Pull them out for a quick photo and back in they go.
    16. My favorite for travel is a pukipuki, although realpukis or the new Littles by Daisy Dayes are great too.
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    17. Please keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion ^__^ tastes differ for people, thankfully.

      Well, the easiest to carry along for me are the tiny ones that are 15 cm and below like Pukifee, PukiPuki, Lati Yellow, Lati White, Tiny Delf, ... Only because they usually fit in your pocket, handbag or something like a case for glasses.

      The ones I enjoy toting around the most are my 1/6 sized tinies like the YOSD, Littlefee, Honey Delf, ... They're not that easy to carry around because when fully clothed they do have a size to them but they do fit in a larger handbag with some fiddling. I prefer these little ones at work over their tinier counterparts because I tend to lose the other ones in the mess on my desk. Shame on me! I also like that they have a bit more presence. I had to get used to carrying a larger size (15+ cm) around but in the end it's not that bad and they have a little more cuddle-ability in them than my tiniest tinies.

      The bigger ones (1/4 and 1/3) are loads of fun to carry around as well but they need more planning and often involve having to leave other stuff at home to fit them or carry an extra bag just for them. Not the easiest you see.

      In the end just choose a sculpt or doll you love and you'll gladly find a way to tote them around no matter their size.
    18. I usually grab one of my littlefees or my SaintBloom.