Best Carrying Cases for Tinies

Jan 28, 2019

    1. I'm going on a trip overseas this year and I plan on bringing my incoming pukifee with me. I'm looking for some type of case that I can keep in a backpack or purse, preferably a hard one so that she won't end up smooshed. I've seen the cloth ones on etsy and I can't help but worry that it won't be enough protection. I currently carry my pukipuki around in a hard (yet padded interior) glasses case so something to that nature is kind of what I'm looking for.

      Any suggestions?
    2. Best thing iv found is a hard case wine bottle holder/bag. fits tinys and even up to some small slim MSD
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    3. I splurged on this when I went overseas last year (it was also on sale for $60, which helped lol) with my Lillycat Poulpy. It's probably bigger than what you're looking for, but I liked the room to tuck in extra wigs and outfits. I just wrapped her up in a little hand towel to keep her from rubbing against the zippers in the interior. The size did make it a little harder to pack in another bag, though I managed it with a larger backpack.
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    4. Oh wow I don't think I want to spend that much on a carrying case. But that's close to what I'm looking for. I'm going to be traveling and want to take a bunch of pictures of her out and about so something to dig in and out of a backpack is ideal. I'm looking for ease and sturdiness and I feel like that's really going to limit my choices. :/
    5. You might be able to find a sturdy pencil case (hard plastic or metal) or something similar that's deep enough. Then if you had something you line it with or wrap your doll in inside... you have a perfect hard shell case you probably spent like $5 on haha.
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    6. A travel makeup case/bag could also be an option!
    7. You could always get one of those chunky hard glasses cases and just give her a bit of a cloth blanket to keep from rubbing. I do that sometimes with my ly and tdf dolls.
    8. Hard makeup boxes/cases are amazing! Around the holidays, many makeup brands will bring out their nice makeup boxes as part of their gifts with purchase. Some do it for summer beauty events, too. Both Sephora and Nordstrom have great selections online, and you can return purchases made online to the stores, too. Honestly, any sort of "hard shell" or "hard" case in general is going to be good, but makeup cases tend to come with a million pockets for accessories, so I like them for when I have to *gasp* check my dolls into luggage.
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    9. Oooh! Thank you all so much for your suggestions! I found this too, the NANUK 903. I think ultimately I'm going to have to wait until I get her to do a more in depth search. Ugh, I can't wait for her to be home! :...(

      I looked at the measurements of those and it looks like they're just a bit too small because that would be perfect. Something that small is really what I'm looking for as that's what I do with my pukipuki.
    10. I know solid instrument cases work with a bit of modding. Although I don't know an instrument that's Pukifee sized. Hmmm....
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    12. Im sure you could go to like tjmax or ross and even find a nice makup bag / carrier with storage conpartments for the accessories thats padded or you could buy foam inserts to protect your dolly.

      Like one of those soft carriers with a top compartment for clothes and such and then one open compartment for the doll and just add the sterofoam inserts.
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