Best Doll Packaging

May 29, 2018

    1. I'm curious to hear what doll/ company have you bought from that had the best or unique packaging? Did any include any surprise extras you weren't expecting?
    2. I really like Iplehouse packaging because they have strong, sturdy boxes with a foam piece inside cut out specifically to hold the doll in place. They still use some bubblewrap, but that foam is so perfect, they probably wouldn't need it. There are cut out spots for high heel feet or extra hands or whatever too, and they come with the CoA and a booklet. I really like it because it always feels like Iplehouse goes the extra mile to pack the dolls with care. Fairyland packages their dolls similarly.

      Little Rebel is nice too--her doll heads come bubblewrapped in a pretty little box that has a "drawer" the holds the head, plus the CoA. When I bought my Andre head, she even included a personal thank you note, and I thought that was a great touch to get something so thoughtful from the artist.

      Also, I like the extras from Dollmore. When I bought my Zaoll Luv, they included a wig and eyes and let me chose from the ones on their site, and then also included a beautiful corset and bloomers set that I didn't expect! Most free underwear I've received with dolls have been plain white panties and tube top or boxers, so the lacy detailed lingerie set was a nice surprise.
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    3. Napidoll's heads come in this type of baggy and a clear plastic packaging, Simple, but very cute.

      I've seen Maskcat doll's box openings and I'm impressed with their case. It's like a wooden chest and I'd love to get my hands on one, not just for the chest but I love their sculpts as well.

      I also like the carriers for lillycat and dust of dolls, their high quality and it's useful to take dolls to different countries ^-^
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    4. Dollshe has really nice packaging for their dolls! Their newer boxes are sturdier, but they all have three layers of foam inside, with the middle layer cut in the shape of the doll to keep them nice and snug. They also have cutouts in the foam for the all the extra parts you can order (heads, hands, feet/heel legs, busts, etc), so everything stays very protected and east to keep track of. Sometimes they offer sales with all extra parts included for the price of a basic set, so that's kind of like freebies, right? ;) I also like their COAs because they're thick plastic cut the size of credit cards, so they look really sleek and nice.
    5. I love Maskcat's packaging! I only have one of her tiniest, but the doll came in a little wooden box with Maskcat's logo on the outside, then fabric and cushions on the inside. The larger doll's boxes seem to be designed like trunks. It gives the doll a heirloom item feel, which is so charming to me. :daisy
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    6. wow that is pretty cool! I love their larger dolls, such beautiful sculpts.
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    7. My Flower&Junior Yabi head came in a nice little cannister-type thing, with a metal lid. It had wood texturing on the sides, it was really cute. The card was actual plastic, like a credit card. I prefer those COAs because they're easier to store and I'm never worried about them getting torn or something.

      My Miracledoll Baiye also came in neat packaging- a silk drawstring bag with fluffy padding in it. And speaking of fluffy, the Doll Zone Heavy Rains came in sheep-fluff bags.

      My favorite by far though is the packaging/extras that came with Dearmine Lupy. Not only did she have a tiny, adorable box, but she came with a zipper pouch for carrying, eyes, extra elastic, a few little hair clips, a file folder, a mirror, a tissue holder, and a little comic/art book. I feel like there was even more that I'm forgetting, but it was a whole bunch neat of surprises.
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    8. Resinsoul's packaging was my favorite of the two i've gotten. It came with a super cute carrying case for the doll with a duvet-like blanket to wrap around her for added safety. I just thought it was such a nice touch cause I didn't have to buy a carrying case and from the moment I got her I could take my doll anywhere without worrying about her getting broken as easily.
    9. I'm pretty fond of Dollfie Dream packaging, because it's really fun to shop for in person! It wouldn't work for resin dolls at all, and it's a little bit ugly, but it was really neat to open my bag once every few minutes and see the head I just bought staring back at me. :aheartbea It felt more real that way.

      And a counterpoint:
      I hate Doll Chateau's packaging. I got my Ada used, so she was bubble-wrapped and re-boxed by the seller, but the bag DC includes isn't great. It's just a lightly padded drawstring, and it's completely ineffective in protecting my fragile baby moose. It's aesthetically cute (it's pink suede, who doesn't like pink suede), but it's functionally worse than useless. Yargh!
    10. WithDoll and DollPamm also do this type of packaging, and I'm very fond of it. It's really easy to repack when moving dolls without worrying too much about how I packed them.
    11. I agree with those who mentioned Iplehouse! Their packaging is really sturdy and great to protect a doll <3 I also like Souldoll's packaging... there may be no foam cut outs, but my Vito boy came with two lovely cushions, a nicely designed box and plenty of bubble wrap + a plastic face mask to protect him!
    12. (Of the ones I’ve purchased)
      Old Dollshe (sturdy box, foam cutouts for body and accessories, “drawer” inner component of box with promotional stickered outer sleeve; plastic CoA)

      New Dollshe (no sticker on the front)

      Newest 5th Motif (potentially Dollshe too; no internal drawer component to box)

      ImplDoll (tied with newest 5th Motif; foam doesn’t fit to doll but box is in two parts unlike 5th Motif and sturdier)

      FantasiaDoll (loose body pillow)

      Bimong (tied with FantasiaDoll; same specs)

      Dollzone (loose body pillow; flimsier box)

      Legend Doll; Angell Studio (tied with Dollzone; same specs)

      UniverseDoll (body pillow; flimsy box that falls apart and accordions)

      Ancient Tales (tied with UniverseDoll; disposable packing; sturdy box)

      PlanetDoll (box cannot fit the doll uncurled; body pillow)

      Dollstown (outer shipping box only with disposable packing)
    13. I love Dollshe and Iplehouse's packaging, but my fave is Anna-Queen's. My head came in an engraved wooden box!
    14. I would have loved to have received a dollzone "The moon" packaging with the wooden box. It looked so pretty but sadly they were out of stock with those so I just got the flimsy white box with the pillow.
    15. I really like the old doll carriers that Iplehouse used to pack the old YIDs in. The boxes they use now are sturdier, but the bags were attractive and useful.