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Best Friends Club Ink Doll Clothes- What and Who Does it Fit?

May 23, 2010

    1. I've been trying to search through the forum to find information about these clothes and to see which Mini sized kids they fit. The words are too short for the search engine, so I am asking all of you. They are such a great price, and quite cute.
      an example: http://www.amazon.com/Best-Friends-Club-Large-Fashion/dp/B002J9HAGC/ref=pd_sim_t_5

      Do you have any of the (BFC, Ink.) Best Friends Club Ink Large doll clothes?
      What dolls totally can rock these clothes, which ones not so much?

      I am looking specifically to see if they fit a Volks msd body, but I'd like to see the clothes on other dolls too. Especially the pants in the link above!
    2. The clothes are quite wide, I've found the Iplehouse minis tend to fit them best. I have all of the packs and a Volks MSD body, if there's any in particular you'd like to see I can take some pics tomorrow.
    3. Yeah, I'd say the Iplehouse JID girls fit them really well. Here's my girl in the 1st set that you were interested in. (I folded the hem of the shirt up to show her belly)

      Also, here are the IH JID measurements so you can compare your other bodies:

      Overall Height:43cm
      Neck Circumference: 7.3cm
      Shoulder Width: 9.3cm
      Arm Length: 13.2cm
      Chest Circumference: 19cm
      Waist Circumference: 14.9cm
      Bottom Circumference: 22.3cm
      Leg Length: 22.8cm


    4. Darn! And here I thought they'd be good for my SD. ^^; Oh well! They look great though!
    5. Eep, I completely forgot about this thread! It may still help someone so I'll make good on my offer. I'm using a Volks MSD Mihmi here.

      Pretty Preppy
      Overall, baggy. The shirt works alright, the legs help the pants stay up but you can see just how loose the waist is.

      Boho Chic
      This one looks better, but I will tell you right now, the only thing holding the skirt up is the slight pressure exerted on the skirt by the blouse and cardigan. I put them on her first, and they kept falling right off until I put the rest of the outfit on. The cardigan and blouse work fine though, if a bit loose-fitting. If you can do a bit of sewing though, you could take in the skirt and it'd look fantastic. :)

      The outfits come with bags, which naturally work fine. The shoes are far, far, far too big for any MSD at all. They actually fit my SD13 girl quite well however. :)

      Hope this helps!
    6. I just bought this one for my Volks MSD Myu. The dress fits almost perfectly (I layered it over a white tube top since it's slightly wide and has a low-cut neckline). No problems at all with the shrug or the purse. The sandals were too long (her toes weren't peeping through the front if her heels were touching the back "straps"), so I just took scissors and cut the heel "strap" part away, leaving a sort of loop of plastic on either side. Then I laced a ribbon through, tied them on her feet, and voila! Not the prettiest fix, I'll admit, but they look fine from the front at least.




      Along with the one I bought, the Walmart near me also had this swimsuit set & this shorts set in stock. I'm tempted to get that second one specifically for the cute polka dot top & pink tote <3...but based on
      strawberryblossom's info I doubt the shorts would work (or the flats either) so I'm not sure it's really worth the money. Does anyone know for sure how well that one or the swim set fits a Volks MSD?
    7. I have both of those as well, I'll try to get pics tomorrow. :)
    8. Awesome! Thanks! <3
    9. Got my pics. Forgive their awfulness and her lack of head, but I'm just not feeling up to switching my hybrid's head back just now. :whee: Hopefully they serve their purpose.

      First up, swim set.
      Left is her wearing the bottoms, top and cover up. The bottoms are loose but stay up fine. Cover up is also loose but still works. The tank top however, fits okay but the straps are too long; if you pull them taut her nipples are just above the top of it. If you can shorten the straps a bit, this would work just fine. :)

      Simply Sweet
      At first glance this works quite well, the shirt is loose but everything's covered, and it's a babydoll style so some looseness is fine. The shorts stay up, but are very loose at the waist; this is covered up by the blouse though so it's your call. :)

      Hope this helps!
    10. That's great! Thanks for the helpful pics. <3 I think I'll be heading back to Wally World for the swim set tomorrow. Shortening the straps shouldn't be a problem. Still debating over the other set, but I have a feeling if I see it again in person I might just cave in. :sweat
    11. Thanks to everyone for the help! I was gonna buy a set for my MSD today, but I didn't want to spend money on something I wouldn't use. I could tell that the shoes would be too big...those dolls have huge feet!! I go back later today and buy a few sets to see how it works on Clover and then I'll take a few pictures.