Best Jointed Hands for SD Size?

Dec 26, 2018

    1. Do any of you 1/3 sized doll owners out there have dolls with jointed hands? Where did you get them? In your opinion, which jointed hands are the best/prettiest? Tell me what you think of jointed hands, give me the pros/cons, the critiques and the feedback. Show me jointed doll hands!
    2. One of my SD has the doll chateau jointed hands (with only one joint in each) and an another has resinsoul jointed hands. I really prefer the dollchateau ones, as they tend to fall into more natural poses by themselves and require less fiddling with to get into position.

      (I also have the msd resinsoul jointed hands and they're similar in function to the sd ones)

      I guess it comes down to what you need and look for in jointed hands - I was only looking for a little more leeway for posing while keeping as much as the gracefulness of non-jointed ones and so I prefer the... less jointed... jointed hands :D
    3. @ronnie92 That makes sense. Non-jointed hands are really gorgeous, but its great to be able to pose hands and have them grab things.
    4. I have some jointed hand, but generally I am not a huge fan of them. Most of the time they are difficult to position naturally and they are not strong enough to hold anything with weight.

      I was going to say that the best looking I've seen are the Doll Chateau with the single joint at the knuckle, like @ronnie92 has. They look so elegant. My Akhmel Nathan also has this single knuckle joint style, but he is a tiny.