Best light for BJDs, especially face-ups?

Feb 8, 2021

    1. Hi,

      I am currently thinking about buy a better light for my BJDs.
      I know from my other hobbies, aquariums and terrariums, that there are specific types of lights that help with colors. My current room light makes them always look a bit underwhelming. It makes me sad, especially if they have a great face up.
      I am leaning towards LED's because of the heat. But otherwise I dont have an idea. Like what type of color maybe? There are some with more blue, red, or whatever.

      Does anyone have experience with that? I would like my expensive dolls to look as good as they can. xD
    2. I think it really depends on the mood/feeling your going for and the color of the dolls! Warm colors for a cozier look and cold for a crisper look
    3. For my workspace I have a two tall lamps, one with a warmer, more yellow orange color light and one with with a white "true color/full spectrum" light bulb. The true color bulb is from an art/craft supply store, and it fits normal screw-in light fixtures, It's not the type used for gardening. I also have a clip-on LED light, and that is pretty good at adding more light to just one area for photography.

      For an enclosed display, you might be able to find some rope lights or small LED type lights to install inside?
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    4. Personally, I use an LED ring light from Amazon. It has 3 different settings (a warm, neutral, and cool light) and multiple different brightness levels, which is nice! I’m sure you could also find some that cycle through more colors if you want to play around with colored mood lighting.

      I also sometimes just use the flash on my phone. Every once in a while I get a really good picture with it.:sweat
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