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Best Male Asian BJD?

Sep 13, 2010

    1. (First off, I'm sure a topic like this exists way back in the forums somewhere, but please cut me some slack - I'm new here, lol...)

      Okay, so I was wondering what your favorite Asian boy BJDs are? I've been looking around some on my own and with the help of a friend, but I thought it might be nice to hear what other people have to say, and also maybe find some out there I haven't found on my own yet!

      I'm thinking only ones that look VERY Asian, you know?

      Nothing is a factor in this, not price, brand, whatnot. I have my personal faves so far, but tell me yours! :)
    2. lol, but I know your opinion already!
    3. DragonDolls makes some nice one I think. My favorites being Emperor Huang and Ming but I don't have either :-(
    4. Mmm, Iplehouse Lee definitely has more half-asian features, though those are often confused with Korean (which are, by the way, totally beautiful, and I suppose can be changed slightly through different face-ups). Kind of along the same lines, there are also Migidoll boys. Some of them are more distinctly (or rather, obviously) asian than others but they all definitely have very linking characteristics. I was actually considering Migidoll Ryu for my half-asian character before Lee came out.

      I think Narin boys look quite Asian as well, though they're definitely a bit more stylized than the previous examples.

    5. <_< dangit, you made me look at the Narin ones and i found a girl i like now! neferti le 30 head and body... crap, now i gotta save more money T_T
    6. well, i like Neo and haenam - he looks so crabby and cute!
    7. I saw one while surfing the web. It was something like kiss...? kiss doll? I think it was korean doll and he had the most beautiful slanted eyes.......SWWOOOOOONNNNNN
    8. Dream Of Doll Black Luke.

      I really, really like him
    9. I don't like many Asian looking boy dolls but I like Soom's Chrom.
    10. Yep, I'm a Chrom fan. I'm also rather fond of the Idealian Pangen.
    11. Soom Chrom and Iple Lee would be my first thoughts. As was mentioned, Souldoll boys often look Asian. Some Dollzone boys can, too. Volks Genji or Tohya/Kohya can also be convincing Asian boys. LUTS Delfs and Senior Delfs are also worth a look.
    12. Without dipping into the vastness of Asian Minimees I'll go with Souldoll's Lee Jun Ki or Volks Genji. ^___^
    13. Elfdoll has some lovely Asian sculpts for both boys and girls.
    14. If I had to choose specific favorites, I'd certainly pick Dream of Doll D.O.T Homme Ducan, or SOOM's The Gem Chrom, handsome molds in my opinion.
    15. My favourite Asian boy BJD is Lume's Saiph. He's not available anymore, though. :(
    16. My favorite Asiany looking ones are definitely Soom Chrom and Volks Minoru Kamimura.
    17. If you're into the big tall mature strapping dom type, try the Dollmore Models & Glamor Models... I am particularly smitten with Nayuta Kenzo. :aheartbea

      Also Narindoll, Elfdoll, Souldoll, Lumedoll.

      I too would love it if Lumedoll Saiph just magically started to grow on trees one day. Well, we can dream.
    18. omg, he's so cute :aheartbea
    19. oh jez, i like genji now too... T_T man, bjds are dangerous...