Best mini models

Jul 22, 2019

    1. Hi guys! What msd brand or artist do you think have the more natural and confortable to pose dolls?
      I love bimongs Narae poses because looks so natural and I was a little disappointed about the movibility of minifees when it comes to sitting scenes, what are your thoutgs? I want to hear about whatever brand you know :)
    2. If you like crazy posing abilities, Loong Soul B-G42-01(Girl MSD) can pose in an insane number of ways. If you look up pose-ability reviews it's one of the best. The only flaw is the larger breasts, for reasons unknown, clash with the arms. People have dealt with this by modification though so it's fixable. Personally I don't have one because I wanted to try Luts' new MDF bodies instead, they aren't as flexible but fit my needs. I don't really pose them without clothing so it looks natural enough for me :P Anyway definatly check out some reviews of the B-G42-01.
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    3. I watched a video by Nicolle's Dreams reviewing a Momoni, and it looked very poseable. The problem is I think they don't sell the bodies separately, but take it with a grain of salt, as I am not sure.
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    4. Dream valley! Dream Valley are by far the best posers I've ever encountered, especially in the legs. The best thing about them is that the hip joint allows them to pull their knees to their chest effortlessly, even in pants/leggings. With most dolls that have that ability, you usually have to pull the joints apart in order to make it work... Dream Valley's just glide effortlessly into place. They also stand really steady.

      They really surprised me when I first got one. :3nodding:
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    5. Doll Leaves and Doll Zone (probably Doll Chateau too) are really great at posing. It is super easy to pose and they have a wide range. A brand called Magical Angel actually focused on Movement. My first doll was actually from them. They sadly are closed as far as I know but you might find some still online. The body is not the most beautiful but the movement is the best i ever saw. Once used to how the doll moves, you will also have no trouble moving them
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    6. Thank you! The breast thing looks a little weird to me, but I will definetly look more of this brand!
    7. Thank you I´ve seen that video but I´m not sure about the momonita body, it´s beautiful but not sure if it´s my type
    8. This sounds so nice! They look surprisingly not expensive wich is always good
    9. Sad that thye closed, I would have love to see them! Do you have any pic uploaded here in DoA?
    10. I love Minifee body, but I am looking foward to test bimong's bodies because they seem to pose so well *-*
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    11. Same here!! I wanted to have the past Narae body version, the one that has 2 joints fot the upper body, but couldnt afford it at the moment. The one he is sellin gnow is screaming me to buy it, so beautiful, so delicate and so elegant Y-Y
    12. Yeah, I agree, it was such a beautiful body but to expensive for me :/ And I think I like more this new one, because it's look like more like Minifee bodies, and it's so delicate !
      Ahah maybe you must buy it x) I really hope some minifee clothes will fit to this new Narae's body ! I think the shoulders and feet are similar ^_-
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    13. I would love to, but it takes ages for my to decide to buy a doll :_D
    14. Thanks for this post! I had never even heard of Doll Leaves, but I'm a big fan of Doll Chateau. These seem to be in a really reasonable price range. :thumbup
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    15. Even this thread is already a bit old, I want to say that I'm really pleased with gemofdoll and Dollits. The gemofdoll body is super well made and even after a few years it poses like a champ without restringing. The Dollits body I had only for short time, but the posing was also great for me. :lol: