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Best/oddest freebies

Feb 21, 2010

    1. (I hope this is the right place to post this, please move if it's wrong! I did a search and I don't think I'm duplicating a thread).

      OK, I think pretty much every company includes a free stuff when you order a doll.
      I'm just curious about what people have recieved.
      I got a calendar, a wig, glass eyes, a purse and a cracker when I ordered from Dollmore. All lovely :fangirl:

      So, which companies give the most/coolest/weirdest stuff?
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    2. The Junkyspot! They're a distributor, and they always send cool stuff. My RS Dan came with a vinyl doll, a Japanese concert DVD, a bunch of candy and Pocky, and some postcards, and my BBB Ariel came with a CD, candy, and a jar of hand cream. My friend's Mei came with a fortune-telling fish toy, light-up plastic jewelery, and a rubber cow keychain that poops when you squeeze it.
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    3. On a recent doll order from Unidoll I got a free wig, postcard set, and hand sanitizer! :XD:

      I agree with wildwoodflower though. Junkyspot has the oddest and sometimes best gifts! I have gotten anime dvd's, candy, a thong, and music cd's from them. A friend of mine even got a GACKT DVD once....
    4. dollmore gives some sort of cookie that is shapped like a star and i also got a button :)
      with luts i got 2 pin (its the same thing but in different size)
    5. When I ordered my dollmore Momo, I got a little felt christmas sack decorated with a felt father christmas. When I ordered my Serendity sharmin I found all sorts of hard candies in her box : D
    6. I LOVE the Star cookies from Dollmore! yum! I also got bracelets, pins, t -shirt, eyes, calender, hair clips from them.

      I don't get alot from Junkyspot because I usually only order MSC but once or twice I've ordered a doll and got Pocky!! yum

      Domuya sent me a diary once! that was odd..lol

      Iplehouse sent me a free wig with my Yur
    7. I agree that Junkyspot has the best freebies. When I ordered my B&G Sapphira I got Pocky, candy, a little Hello Kitty toy, two pairs of elf ears, and the Batman Begins dvd! It was awesome cause I had wanted to see that. :D
      When I got my BBB March I got pink pocky and some candy, and when I got my BBB Elfkin I got a bookmark, a piggy keychain light, tons of candy, a fortune teller fish, and some putty! It was great.
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    8. I think the oddest thing I ever got as a gift with order was a bar of soap. Granted, it was a pretty bar of molded glycerine soap, but still kind of wtf. I've also gotten soap "rose petals". Not sure if there's a big hint in there for me.....

      I've gotten wigs, clothing, shoes, candy, chips, postcards, stickers, hats, plush. All sorts of things.
    9. When I got my Dollmore Youth Adam Heartbroken Kara Klum, I got a corsage-set for SD...but it was a girl's set. The collar I stretched, so now he can use that though. I found it so funny that they sent girl's clothes with a boy-doll :lol:

      I think it was dropped in the box pretty randomly, but I just really think it's an odd gift.

      Dollmore sends these nommy rice cookie-things or what they are and the cute badges. The badges I put on my dolls' carriers!
    10. I got some Korean hard candy from LeekeWorld when I ordered a LE wig... Unfortunately I threw it out with the box and realized it a week later. D':

      When I ordered a wig and eyes from NDoll, I got some adorable hairclips that were blue and white with polka dots!
    11. Junkyspot always gives fun freebies, but the best one was the Monokuro Boo bathmat-sort-of-thing that came with my BBB Pixie-boi (who became tall!Tibby). My cats instantly adopted it.

      Another peculiar one was free eyes I received from two different companies, both glass, in different sizes - but a perfect colour match! what are the odds?
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    12. The most unusual thing I've received is a mousepad from Rosette Doll. I don't think I've used one of those since I started using a mouse with a laser (or the one on my laptop), which was some time ago. :lol:
    13. Hand sanitizer? Food? Lotion? Soap? Wow.... how weird. I've heard once people got something like "seaweed" once.

      Junkyspot gives out some weird stuff, even though compared to everyone else it's not that weird...

      I got a Dollzone T-shirt (me and my mom can probably wear it simultaneously... it's HUGE), a Bruce Lee biographical DVD (which was actually really sad and frighteningly accurate about racism that my family has faced), some weird-flavoured Pocky, and these strange delicious gummy candies I want to get more of!!!
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    14. When I got my BBB Charisma, I also received a pair of purple glass eyes and a blonde wig that could be suitable for a Helga-cosplay (A character from the 'Allo Allo' British comedy series) because it has a braid all around.
    15. I absolutely adore the Dollmore Freebies:aheartbea honestly, they never fail to make one smile :)

      Last time, They sent me a facemask (like what you might wear during a cold or for cleaning) as well as a pair of their company eyes that are quite literally red "pupils", (no iris, just the pupil XD) as their free gift with my Youth Adam Lotte Hearts :lol:
    16. The only company I've gotten free goodies from is Junky Spot. When I received 2 Hujoos they came with Pocky, a Tootsie Pop, a couple of bookmarks and a postcard. Even when I just ordered a couple pairs of eyes Emory send some gummy candy.
    17. When I got my Feanor from DD, I found included some mini-sodas (really was bubblegum bits of candy), some mini-dice and mini-playing cards! What a cool thing to keep my boy entertained on his long trip home. I'm glad he didn't develop any bad habits while he waited! LOL The goodies are kept in his purple silk holding bag & will be treasured for all time!
    18. Junkyspot wins the prize for me for being the most generous and the most varied. Over many orders I've received a thong, The Doll Master movie, several CD's, pocky, a Gloomy Bear keychain, and Kasugai Gummy Candy (which I developed an addiction to. :p )
    19. Aw, I want freebies. I did get a set of Soom post it notes when I ordered eyes from them. DoD is the only other company I've ordered from and they don't give out freebies.
    20. Aww I'm jealous of all your cool freebies! Does my Luts event head count?! I got some cute postcards from Luts too I think, and some yummy candy from Leeke :)