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Best of the worst?

Aug 31, 2008

    1. Hey guys... another newbie here. XD
      Same old sob story: I has no moneys. :(
      New chapter: I finds some cheap dollies. :o

      Sooo... I'm begging for some help in choosing which dolls from Mimi's are, in essence, the best of the worst. I know these dolls probably aren't ideal, even for a beginner, but 30-35 bucks sounds pretty good when prices are, at the very least, around $100 for the really nice dolls.

      Edit: I should probably specify.... :sweat
      I'm looking for a doll that's less than $40, is female, has a relatively small bust, and is around 25-35-ish centimeters in height (I think the size is referred to as 1/6?). Other than that, I rely solely on your expertise.

      Thank you for your input!! And please don't eat me... I'm just a noob, I don't taste very good.
    2. Those dolls that Mimi sells for $30-$40 aren't BJDs, they're vinyl dolls. Azone, the Volks 1/6 line, Obtisu and the like are all vinyl and, as such, are off topic for DoA.

      I can't think of a single actual resin BJD that can be bought for less than $70. Bobobie (I think) has some very cute tinies in the $70 - $100 range, but that's about it.

      It's been said before, but it bears repeating: this isn't a hobby for people with limited incomes. It just isn't. BJDs are luxury items, and carry with them secondary costs in terms of faceups, clothing, wigs, eyes, etc. $40 isn't going to be enough.
    3. I'm afraid Brennil is right.

      If you don't have enough then your going to just have to save up. ^^ Do odd jobs here and there, don't spend birthday money/christmas money and just put it away instead. Its much better to save up for something which you really like rather than buying something you don't like as much for a cheaper price, because in essence you making your target even further away by doing so.
      Good luck.

    4. No problem :sweat We're all noobs at first. Heck, I still am :lol:

      However, agreeing with Brennil, Ball Joint Dolls aren't be very cheep. I know bobobie was mentioned. Their tinies are $78 (they're 15cm), and their 27cm dolls are $98-110. Also another site to look at (they're closely knit with bobobie) is ResinSoul.

      Also, I'm not sure if you realize, most dolls wont come with faceup(makeup) [bobobie's prices do include faceup however]. & None of the above mentioned dolls come with clothes... Be sure to read carefully what will come with your doll, and be prepared for another good bit of money for shipping. Find a doll you really love and every time you go to spend money, like SakuraLee said, think about how that money you spend will just push your beloved doll further from you.
    5. You also have to consider that most ABJDs are shipped from their countries of origin via EMS, which runs approximately $30-$40 for a mini-sized doll. Even if you're purchasing a doll from a US distributor, you'll have to take into account shipping costs. USPS priority mail would run ~ $15-20.

      But yeah, I've NEVER seen a BJD (of any size) for forty bucks.
    6. :abow::abow::abow:

      Arrrghh, you guys are the best!! Thank you so much for being so understanding. ^.^
      You're all quite right, of course--I knew there was a significant difference between the dolls I was looking at, but had no idea.... heh. :sweat

      Thanks again, all. I'll keep looking around to see what's REALLY worth buying.

      Edit: yeah, I realize that most come without make up, clothes, etc. I'm planning on sewing my own clothes, and I'll deal with eyes, wigs, and the like when (and if) I have the $$$. The doll is my first priority, since I already have a LOT of really pretty fabric and such (and I'm decent with a needle and thread).
    7. Muse, it might be an idea to see if there are any meet ups happening in your area, so that you can go along and meet some other bjd people with their dolls. They might let you take patterns from them and you could perhaps help your dolly funds along a bit by making some things to sell. Alternatively there are some free patterns here on the forum that you could use.
      Good luck with saving!
    8. I just recieved a mini elf from Resinsoul. He's named Bao on their site, is 11 inches tall and costs $100.00, not including shipping.

      He comes with eyes and the face up is an additional $10.00.

      I believe the shipping was around $30.00 from China.

      I am very pleased with him. His sculp is very well done and he stands and sits well. You might want to consider him. If you don't want a boy they have the matching girl named Bei for the same price. She's slightly shorter.

      To see a pic of him look in this section under 'new company resinsoul'. I posted some pics of him there.

      Hope this helps you. Good luck on your first doll!
    9. :D
      Thanks again. I'll definitely take a look at Resinsoul!
      Right now I'm making my first doll, so I need all the luck I can get, heheh. ^.^ Won't stop me from browsing the professionally made dolls, though.
    10. Good luck!
      My first girl was a B&G mini. They're fairly cheap price-wise as far as MSDs go (though the price has gone up since I bought my girl), and they are good quality for what you pay for.
      It may be expensive to save up for, but the dolls are totally worth it. Like has been suggested, if you can find a meetup near you, seeing a doll in person beforehand might help.

      I personally started off with Pinky:St figures, got a few Pullips/Taeyangs (27cm vinyl dolls - off topic here) and then worked my way into BJDs. A couple thousand dollars worth of hobbies later, I'm safely hooked. XD

      I just find it easier to not think about the money, really. (Like, did I really just spend near $500 in dolls this month? And then almost 1k on my new computer.) If you enjoy it, the cost will seem like nothing, and if you don't, you can usually resell the doll for near the same price, so long a you treat it well. =)
    11. I found my first doll on eBay. It was just luck that I had enough saved to buy her on BIN. If you are a dab hand with a needle and thread, once you hit the 40 posts mark here, you could perhaps sell some clothes on the Marketplace here to save up for your dream dolly?

      You could drum up interest by posting a few samples in the Critiques section so people are aware of your skill and your style before you start to sell, and people will give you an idea of how much to price your things. I know making clothes when you don't have the doll with you will be awkward, but if you bought a second- or third-hand Kelly doll, you could base Puki-sized clothes on her. People are crying out for super-tiny clothes and will pay a lot for very well made things.
    12. I moved this thread to the Tiny section as you are looking for a 1/6 size doll not a mini 1/4 size doll.
    13. You should check out Custom House! They are having a huge sale, and thier tinies are less than $100!
    14. I was just thinking about wigs. I saw someone who had made a crocheted wig for their doll. I don't remember where or wich doll but it actually looked really cute.

      It is a lot of money especially if you're very young but you'll be so happy when you finally hold your dream doll in your arms. Having saved up the money will also give you a feeling of acomplishment.

      I wish you the best of luck with your saving and hope that you will end up with your dream doll.

    15. Awh, you guys are really wonderful!! Having so much luck and support... hehe, my girl is just begging to be made now!!

      As to making and selling clothes, that's a wonderful idea. :) It IS rather difficult without the doll, though, as I do tend to do things very organically (i.e. pinning clothing on the actual doll--CAREFULLY!--instead of taking measurements). Still, making things for Puki dolls sounds fun....
    16. I'm on a limited budget but still seem to have acquired 3 bjd's with one more coming and one on order (how did that happen). But I agree that you are better getting one then using your money to get her wigs/shoes etc, none of which are cheap. The Bobobie dolls represent great value for money, check out the Isabella/March thread on here - you can order them from Bobobie.com as well as Resinsoul. Bobobie also do tiny cute ones for less or bigger dolls at a good price. Others you could check out, if you like smaller are Puki and Momo, you'll find a thread for all of them on here. Once you have access to the marketplace you might pick up one in your country saving on shipping and they often come with wigs etc.
    17. That, and some retailers both in the US and overseas offer layaway, which is interest-free, unlike paying with a credit card. Some people selling in the Marketplace will also do a short layaway for you.
    18. *nodnod* I'd almost rather save up and wait to be able to check out the Marketplace and get a doll I REALLY want, instead of buying one right off the bat 'cause it's cheap--you guys have kinda talked me into it. ^.^

      Still, I want to finish my doll before I buy one, to see if I really am dedicated enough to this hobby to invest so much. I know that sounds a bit flaky, but actually MAKING my first doll... I don't know, it just seems really special to me. I think I might even change her name to reflect that.
    19. DDE sells Bobobies. I got mine there and plan on a Sprite or Isabella sometime soon. I had sticker shock with the Latie White SP I bought on ebay. $250. THUD, I never spent that much on a doll before... I had to sell 6 of my collection of vinyl and porcelain to get the cash for that purchase. Money well spent.

      Doll and Friends carries some pretty ones, I got a Custom House Bisou (8 inches tall) for 190. They have a very generous (4 to 6 month) layaway available. I started making clothes for my Lati White Special with the Kelly doll. OrientDoll Tinies can wear Kelly clothes too. Plus, the shoes fit well, all but the tiniest stiffest ones.

      Muse, hang in there and save up...I was in the same boat not long ago but deals happen. I got the Orientdoll tiny for an amazing 80$ here on DOA. That is half her normal price. You will have to tell us what you finally do get...