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Best place to buy tiny clothes?

Oct 14, 2008

    1. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about where to buy clothes for Yo's, CH Petite and Ange Ai's, and so forth. I've only used littleprincessfrocks.com, but that website doesn't say what's out of stock, so half the time I ended up buying items that were on back order. I've also had Spampy make some outfits, and she is wonderful, and the outfits are awesome, but I'm hoping there are good selections of ready-made doll clothing somewhere.
    2. Have you checked here:
      I've bought tons of clothes for my tinies from Nancy. She's wonderful to do business with, and ships very quickly. The size 24 Boneka clothes ( for the 10" Boneka dolls)are perfect for the Ange Ai and Yo kids.

      You might also try:
      Karin is very good about getting the outfits in quickly, and the ones for the PetiteAi and Bambicrony are darling! I have several of these outfits for my Petite Ai kids.

      Denis Bastien has some cute clothes for his LeeAnn doll that are a good fit on most of the 10-11" dolls:
      the shoes for LeeAnn are a good fit and very reasonably priced.

      Also, some of the Tonner Ann Estelle clothes fit the Petite Ai.

      check out some of the clothes I have on my Petites and Ange Ai kids here:
    3. Cheerydoll has a great selection. I think I've also bought some things from letsplaydolls, years ago for my Kish kids. Thanks for all the suggestions!
    4. As soon as I get some extra money I'm going to get some YO-SD size clothes from Konlin here at DoA. Her YO-SD size clothes are listed as 'tiny'. Her DoA marketplace url is:


      Also her regular website is:


      I adore her clothes. They're so beautiful. I haven't gotten any yet, but I've seen them on a DoA member's doll. I'm not sure what the shipping time is and you have to ask her if any are out of stock. I know I had wanted a white wig for my Honey Delf Pudding, but they no longer have it. I did find it from another DoA member though luckily. :)
    5. I was interested in casual clothing, nothing too frilly, both girl and boy styles.
    6. Thanks. I'm soon getting a couple of DreamofDoll babies. :)
    7. I can also heartily recommend dambuster01. She makes clothes for a number of different tinies, including OD SOs. She made me the most amazing set of clothes. I sent her a sketch, she returned a perfect little outfit exactly like it. And she is a lovely lady to deal with.
    8. i buy most of my doll clothes on etsy. but until now i've only been into blythe. but i know there is a lot of lati stuff on etsy too.
    9. If you have really tiny tinies....Kelly doll clothes fit well...and you can buy them at local stores. :)
    10. I'm looking for Yo-SD, Ange Ai sized boy clothing, if anyone knows of any links- I can hardly find any! :)
    11. I'm having a similar problem finding outfits for my in-coming Little Fee Shiwoo boy... I've found him a few very cute Japanese traditional outfits, but casual, modern clothes are harder to find.

      There's a lot out there for Yo-sized dolls, but the vast majority of it seems to be frilly girl-stuff. :sweat
    12. You could also try LeekeWorld, their Leeke-D is comparable in size to Yo.
    13. On the general doll sites, try searching for 'Heidi Plusczok (10.5")' or '(Helen) Kish Bitty Bethany' . Heidi's dolls in particular are exquisitely hand-crafted, and quite as expensive as similar-sized BJDs, so their collectors are known to be willing to pay for top-quality outfits. Also, the Doll Page Marketplace (http://www.thedollpage.com/marketplace/shop.php) includes wonderful crafters for dolls in this size range (like Michele Hardy, Darla's Delights, and the Changing Room), many of whom will do custom work if you have something special in mind.
    14. Does anyone know if Mattel's Ken's shoes fit Petite Ai? I measured a Ken's foot, and it's just a little smaller (39mm vs. 43mm) so I was wondering if some of his shoes might fit. It'd sure be nice, since it's so hard to find boy shoes for this size. Am I just wishful-thinking?
    15. Unfortunately, I would say it's wishful thinking. Ken feet are narrower than most Yo-sized dolls, and hard plastic has no give at all. Petite Ai have pretty big feet.

      You might try Audrey's: www.audreysdolls.com, I know they have sport shoes that will fit. Releaserain on eBay has boots and hightop sneakers for that size, and Luts has a few boy styles in their Cutie Delf line.

    16. For those with littlefee dolls...my friend has a couple and we tried some yo sized clothing on them...most of it was way too big.
      I have a couple leeke D size girls and their clothing is a little big on yosd dolls..so it'd be huge on littlefees.
      Bambicrony sized clothing (older body types) is the most likely to fit (based on our comparisions).
      They also take the same size wigs as bambi dolls do (yo wigs are too big)