Best pose-ability for SD size?

Apr 23, 2020

    1. Hello doll friends. I’m looking into getting another doll, and I’ve found that posing ability is super important for me. I’ve seen a lot of videos on YT about MSD body comparisons, but very little on the SD size.

      I have a feeple60 who poses okay. I’m waiting on a Supia girl. If you have any experience with SD, please let me know who poses well (or, alternatively, who poses awfully). Thank you for reading!
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    2. I have owned well over 100 different bodies in my time in the hobby, and I'd say Loongsoul and Doll Leaves have been my best 1/3 posers. I also really like Doll Chateau. Luts is wonderful in casual natural poses, though they're not acrobats if you're wanting crazy intense posing. Impldoll is pretty good too, though the Model boy can't sit up straight. Carving his hip out a little higher fixes this issue. Doll Family H, ALM Doll and Spiritdoll are also pretty good for the boys, I haven't owned a girl from them.
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    3. Out of all my SD girl bodies, the Volks SDGr is probably the best. It poses very naturally, and the joints are some of the prettiest I've seen. It can slouch, sit in just about any position I want, and stands solidly. The downside is they're price-y and can be harder to find.

      My worst poser is either the Sadol Honey63 (the Love60 is fine!) or Oasisdoll It Girl. Part of it may be stringing - the Honey63 is very tight, and it's fairly rigid overall. The sculpting just looks kind of tense, and the torso is solid.

      My Oasisdoll girl has great mobility in her arms, but it took a lot of re-stringing and sueding to get her to stand reliably. She's fine now and can sit and stand, but she's not going to do anything amazing. Like the Honey63, her shoulders are sculpted to be fairly squared so I think she looks a bit tense/posed no matter what.
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    4. I have a Luts Delf girl (new body) and she is a very good poser. Not quite as smooth and fluid as I'd like, but still very nice and a solid poser all around. Same with my Luts SDF65 guy.

      Conversely, I do not recommend the Volks SD17 body; I know it is pretty popular, and though it has a ton of joints I found it to be very fiddly and annoying to pose. The SDGr boy body, however, is quite nice and graceful and is much easier to get a hold of than the girl body.

      You might also want to look at the 53cm Dandelion or the new Narae 58cm Fusion body from I don't own one myself (I wish! The busts are too small for my characters) but Bimong does really great work and makes some bodies with amazing posing ability.
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    5. Out of the hundreds of dolls I have bought the best posers from Blue Blood Dolls on eBay. The Gen X girls are amazing.
      I love Dollstown, but they don't hold poses as amazingly as a Gen X girl.
      See for yourself.
      Gen X Minas
      They fit a lot of clothes made for Smart Dolls, SD13 and the resin is smooth, no seam lines. The seller of these dolls on eBay is in USA and awesome to work with. She designed the head and Jie Doll made the body. They come faced up and body blushed. Price is awesome and she's down to her last few before they are gone forever.
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    6. I've found twigling poses well (that body, especially sueded is a wonder to pose). My Iplehouse HID Woman was really stable once I got her into poses, but not as easy to pose as my twigling girl. Old iplehouse EIDs (the ones with the kind of "slider-ish" elbow joint were a blight, but my newer EID is alright. I haven't had nearly the experience with the number of dolls that some have so my comparisons are a little limited, but if you're curious about any of the dolls on my profile in particular, I can give you a review!
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    7. Yes actually. How does the Withdoll pose? I want one when they do an event (I really need a doll In their grey resin!!) but I don’t see much of them posted here or on IG.
    8. I’ll string her up and get some pics!
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    9. I have two Withdolls and their poseability is quite good. I understand that's a bit subjective but suffice it to say I have never been disappointed with how they pose. I only have 11 BJDs but my Withdolls are easily among my top three with respect to poseability.

      My Dollmores are a bit more difficult to pose because their heads tend to rest in unnatural positions. I had to break out the drill and bore out the holes for the S-hooks on some of them to correct this.

      My favorite poser currently is my Peakswoods. She holds positions well and her joints allow for a full range of motion.
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    10. It's a lesser-known company, but I have a Guudoll girl that poses fantastically. Getting her to sit is a bit finicky because of her sitting mechanism, but otherwise she can hold a ton of poses easily.
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