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Best posing doll

Jun 26, 2009

    1. Anyone have an opinion on which doll poses best? i have an AoD and the posing is quite lacking-in my opinion... im looking at narae right now, how does that one compare?
    2. I'd suggest looking into Minifees: http://www.dollfairyland.com

      Fairyland is known for making dolls with excellent posing. ;) I don't know much of Narae, though from what I've seen of them on DoA I take it they are rather average in terms of posing ability. Hopefully some owners will come offer you better insight. ^^

      Volks Super Dollfie Cute boys pose wonderfully too, I own one and he is a great poser.
    3. Kid Delfs and Lati Blues are also quite good about posing.

      Narin/Narae uses basic ball-joints, not double/capped/whatever and thus have the limits on range of motion without popping the ball right out of joint. Even the new knees are more aesthetics than range of posing, in fact, the new knees can't be popped out of joint, so the doll can't kneel down fully.

      thothep was originally going to be a Dragonfly Narin, then I thought of making him a hybrid to have a better posing body... which became especially tempting after Narin started using urethane resin, then I decided one ofthe heads that matched the body of choice was better for him. My Lati could probably benefit from wiring in his legs, but his arms are absolutely fantastic for range of motion and stability, of all the dolls I've handled (and I've restrung a lot at meets) he's only topped by the Domuya Flexi (a 60cm) for that, but he is much better about standing.
    4. The new Dollndoll Diamond are the old Serendipity bodies, and they are great posers.

      Unoas are very good too.
    5. I don't know about Narae, but minifees are great posers as Dolly suggested :) I didn't know that Lati Blues were good at posing too though? Interesting.... !
    6. I have a girl AoD second generation body in 1/4 scale, and she poses better than half of the dolls that I've seen and touched in doll meets and shows. I'd consider AoD bodies to be in the middle range of poseability in terms of resin bjds, actually. I know that having looser stringing allows for a lot better poseability, but sometimes the joints are very noticeably out of their sockets. I'd have to agree with people who suggests Fairyland's Minifees and Littlefees; those guys can do amazing things that doesn't require loose stringing and separating joints from their sockets.
    7. MNFs are amazing, but make sure you get active line not beautiful line ;p
    8. what about Feeple?
      are those great posers too?
    9. I have both a minifee and a littlefee, I think the littlefees pose better then my minifee, but im not sure if you want a tiny or a mini
    10. I feel the need to mention Shinydoll Fragille here -- they are Shinydoll's more recent mini size line and they are stellar posers. I only have the SD sized Shinydoll body (which is the best poser I have ever handled, hands down!) but from what I have seen the minis are just as amazing. :D

      Feeple are great posers! ^^ But they are around 70cm, and are discussed in the large dolls discussion forum. ;)
    11. I must second that about Fragille! She is a very good poser! She's not quite as stable in the torso as the large Shinydolls (they have a different type of joint) but the range of motion is really good ^^