Best vs worst: Bodies

Sep 16, 2020

    1. Tell me about your favorite bodies! How is the posing? How well do they stand? Is it easy to find clothes to fit them? Any cool features? (like iplehouses hip locks)

      Conversely, are there any bodies you really dislike? Maybe they don't pose well, or the proportions are too wonky. Maybe they just feel clunky or sloppy, no matter what you do.

      I'm mostly interested in 70cm male bodies atm, but I would love to learn about all of them! I'm also super interested in fantasy bodies, with tails, hooves, paws, etc. I want to add a variety of sizes and types to my collection.
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    2. The worst body I've ever handled was the one that came with the Bobobie Luna I purchased secondhand. I'm pretty sure that it was her original body. The aesthetics weren't half bad, but its posing was so utterly abysmal that even after restringing AND wiring, she could not stand WITH THE HELP OF A DOLL STAND. I'm willing to tolerate a BJD needing a stand to assist them, but a two-legged, non-mermaid one that cannot stand upright even with the assistance of a stand? No thanks. She was bad at sitting, too, so there were no good ways to display her.

      The best body I've handled so far is my Loongsoul Autumn Yue, which came on the Loong Soul 42.5cm Girl Body (B-G42-03). The doll's appearance is beautiful, and the joints click into place at almost every angle. It's an MSD body, but perhaps the SD bodies from Loongsoul are similar?
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    3. I don't have a favorite body, but the DOD Doom body is my nightmare. I love my Bomi to pieces but she's so so kicky and heavy, I get tired trying to get those kicky legs to stand.
      Tried sueding and wiring, but hasn't helped. She's beautiful but dear lord :doh
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    4. My tiny Granado Lucifer is on a tiny version of their 'Vigor' body and his posing is maybe the best I've seen. He can hold a crouched pose most of my dolls can't even do. The full-size version might be the size your looking for.

      I've got mixed feelings about the body my D.I.M. girl has. While I like her mobility, I don't love how her elbows and knees look.

      I've come to dislike single jointed bodies in general. My Soom Mini Gems' knees have two positions they can hold locked straight or bent 90 degrees.
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    5. My favorite bodies come from Dream Valley. The ones I have stand so solid and hold poses relatively well without sueding. There are also these great little notches on the back of the knee joint that help with keeping legs bent at certain angles.
      On the other hand, my most stubborn body is ResinSoul Ming's. He's been restrung, sueded, and wired, yet he's still super kicky and refuses to stand even with support. To be fair, he has a lot of leg joints.
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    6. I feel like a broken record since I've said this so many times here on DOA, but Dream Valley bodies (specifically the male bodies but the female bodies too) are the best I've ever had. They have a really unique lanky aesthetic, but unlike other super slim bodies (lookin' at you, Doll Chateau) they're extremely stable. I've had mine (both 70+ and ~50cm) standing on display for months with no issues at all.

      Their biggest issue is dressing, since their weird size means clothes aren't made for them. But somehow I've found that clothes still end up looking good on them even if they don't fit perfectly.

      Worst are honestly just every single jointed body I've had, I'm sorry to say. I bought a Leekeworld art body and Baby Delf body early in the hobby for the aesthetic, and they both frustrated me to no end. Couldn't touch their face, couldn't seem to do any poses other than sitting or laying. And unfortunately both of them were more expensive than any of my other dolls at the time.

      Dishonorable mention goes out to my Island Doll Wind 39cm body, who is technically double jointed but is so difficult to pose it might as well be single jointed. :sigh I think that type of useless double jointed body is even more frustrating than single jointed bodies just because they get my hopes up...
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    7. Worst in my collection:
      Probably my Aimarai 60cm girl. Can not seem to get a natural looking pose out of her at all and is very blocky.

      Best in my collection:
      2Ddoll 68cm boy body. Fantastic poser, beautiful resin. Also my 60cm Peak's Woods girl. The best sitter I have ever seen, though she does lack double jointed knees.
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    8. Leekeworld art body used to be on my grail list. I happened to come across some photos showing its poseability (or lack thereof) before spending any money on it. I still love the aesthetic so much, I wish there was something more poseable that looked similar.
    9. BEST:
      - 2D Doll; they're really underrated, IMO. The quality really shines through in the sculpting and engineering. They can hold really cute poses without snapping or flopping. The joints move really smoothly and the resin is nice and weighty. Both the 1/4 and 1/6 bodies are so much fun to pose and dress. The 1/4 boy is a lovely proportioned slim mini; it's one of my favorite bodies! The 1/4 curvy girl is very voluptuous--she's hit-or-miss with premade clothing fit, though.
      - Akagi Doll; the 1/4 male is the best posing budget-friendly body I have ever handled. It's also very nicely sculpted and feels sturdy. Really good at sitting and standing on his own. The arms/legs are a little longer than average, so pants and long sleeve shirts can be a little short.
      - Volks; I like the look of single-jointed bodies, and these are the prettiest, best-engineered single jointed bodies I've had. The hand-changing system is great; much more secure than a magnet system. They set the standard for BJD sizes, so most clothes and shoes fit them.

      - Miro Doll and Bobobie/ResinSoul. Poorly fitting joints, terrible at posing. I've owned a few over the years and ended up selling them all because they were such an annoyance to work with.
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    10. Atelier Momoni makes the best engineered bodies I've personally owned, so far.
    11. Best:
      - Dollzone B45-017. It poses so nicely and looks good while doing it.
      - Luts SD65. The older one (I haven't handled the new one yet).
      - Aimerai 17cm. It probably has to do with the size but it's a fully double jointed 1/8 and holds any pose you put it in. Shame they only have one head mold for it.

      - Resinsoul single jointed bodies. All of them. Double jointed ones are better but not perfect. So if ya ever get one, swing for the double jointed body.
      - Original Luts SSDF. Tall, lankey, arms won't stay up even with wiring, and they always want to slouch!
      - Iplehouse EiD. I'm gonna add this to worst because even though I absolutely love the look of them, the hips and ankles are just so terrible. They're overengineered in the hips but underengineered in the ankles (seriously there's like no ankle joint, it's leg to foot!).
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    12. The worst body I've ever dealt with so far is the old Migidoll boy body! I could not get it to stand or sit on its own even after restringing and sueding the joints... I was so frustrated with it that I just gave up.
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    13. I think the best overall body (in terms of engineering/posing) I've had is the Akagidoll 1/4 body (although their 1/3 is the same at a different scale). The peanut style joints aren't my favorite aesthetically, but this is the only body I have with virtually no annoying quirks out of the box. The ankles wobble and that is IT. It does everything else with no problem and looks great.

      The Dollshe Fashion Mystic body looks very nice and doesn't frustrate me either. The hands are my favorite. I've replaced most of my 1/4 scale doll hands with Dollshe hands.

      My actual nicest posing doll is a heavily modded Resinsoul Seng (Ming body). Out of the box the body is very quirky and not too attractive, but with some work it handles like a dream. I've recreated the same mods on the Rong and Tang bodies and they also improved, but they didn't reach near-perfect posing like the Ming body.

      Also - this is a very specific point - ResinsoulTang feet fit Tonner Matt shoes perfectly. These are the nicest type of shoes to look in-scale for mature male 1/4 dolls, so I've replaced a few feet with Tang feet as well.

      Worst is my Soulkid NL boy. Pretty, but the absolute most stiff and frustrating body, and just slightly too big for most MSD clothes. Iplehouse FID is the runner-up worst... it has most of the same annoying design choices as the Soulkid, but at least it can sit naturally.
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    14. What kind of modding did you do? I'd love to get my Ming body to pose well.
    15. Best posing: Impldoll Idol male, first generation. Perfectly balanced, fantastic engineering. He can even hold leg up in the air. For a 70 cm, that's great in my book. He also can do "action poses". All of that just with stringing, never did any sueding or wiring.

      On the contrary, I had two bodies which really frustrated me: the absolutely first body Granado ever did. He liked to suddenly bow his hip joint...I was always shocked and surprised. Got rid of it.

      Also, Iplehouse are just absolutely stunning to look at. Posing-wise, the old EID body was just frustrating. Could not sit, did stand very awkwardly, and God forbid you ever tried to do something more out of the way with him than just standing straight up and down. Bending arms and knees was a workout. Was glad when that body was gone.

      Also, the SID female body was not great either. Could not get the knees to stay bent. Not even with sueding. Comparing it to the SID male knee, the knee is too short to stay in place.

      The final Iple body I still have is the SID old male. Keeping it for sentimental reasons, and did tons of modding on it (might one day do a thread about it). Had I known this, I would have gotten another 65 cm body for sure.

      In general, I never could get the Iple hip locks to work as intended. Also, was frustrated by the ankles, they are beautiful, but ridiculour to pose (that is why the can only stand straight). And the SID's elbow joints - not useable as soon as the guy wears anything long-sleeved and too tight to push it up the arm, so that the elbow becomes visible.

      Okay, that's enough. Overall, I went 85 % Impl with my crew and am overall very happy.
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    16. My favorite body is Creature Doll , which unfortunately no longer exists. The design of the joints allows for lots of poses without too much fiddling, and she's solid in many positions. I actually really liked how my minifee A line posed too, although I see all the time that people don't like the posing for minifee.

      My least favorite was my Aileen Doll resin dragon. The body was so frustrating, I just couldn't get the hang of it.

      I gotta say I'm disappointed in the Racoondoll woman body. Posing is ok in most areas, and so is aesthetics, but her hands won't bend at the wrist at all, and they are a weird size and pose. I like the overall shape but I've got to do something about these wrists, it limits her expressiveness a lot. And her feet are also ridiculously tiny. I've bought so so many shoes and still she is shoeless.
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    17. Everyone has to be tired of hearing me talk about Twigling, but here I am! I think my favourite feature I’ve ever had on a body was the shoulder joint on the twigling bodies, which, though not as extreme as impl or pasha in terms of mobility, do really allow for more arm/shoulder movement. Their knees and elbows feel really well engineered too, and though it’s an unusual way of stringing, I really like the head/torso and legs stringing separately, because I’m not very strong, and I don’t have to deal with as much tension.

      The least favourite is the pre-renewal EID man. Gods above, his body is a nightmare. I need to wire and suede to see if it can be saved without modding. Otherwise, I need to figure out if the HID has ever been offered in ebony and just upgrade him. The slider joints in his elbows and knees are just a pain, and don’t get me started on the butt flap joints.
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    18. I have small dolls and i find that they are all kicky.