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Best ways to keep track on saving money for doll?

Apr 17, 2016

    1. Hey guys,
      Just wondering what are some of the tactics you use to help you stay on track to ordering your doll? The company I want to buy from does not do a long layaway so I'm having to save it all up and buy it in one go. I've never been good at saving long term and I would love how you guys keep yourself motivated for it over long periods of time.
      Because right now it seems like an impossible goal :/
    2. I know what you that it's hard to save sometimes
      Why don't you do your "own layaway"
      Just put a little from what you make or whenever you get money put in the jar and hide that jar so that you won't really see it and be tempted to use up that money on other things then Bjds. Once you have enough save you can go buy your doll
      That's what I do because I have bills and other hobbies as well as BJDs and it's hard to save but this is the only thing that kinda of works for me. I also sell a lot of stuff on facebook(no fees and you don't have to wait to get paid like ebay)and whatever I make from that goes to my dolly funds.
      I try and stay focus on my dolls like just plan out their personalitys, their style, and stories like I have a notebook just for all of those things. That's what keeps me motivated and super excitited to finally have that doll that I had all of these plans for
    3. I have a notebook i keep with the item name, company, price, and sometimes how many hours i have to work to earn it. I then put back money every paycheck until i earn enough. I keep my money inside of a box that I hide from my family. When I have enough I take it to the bank and deposit it into my account. If the company has even a short layaway try that to give yourself space in between each payment. The company im about to order from only offers 2-3 month layaway so I've already added up what my total will be,excluding shipping, and figured out about how much I need. Hope that helps
    4. I'm so bad it. I'm currently trying to save up for a full doll and a body, and that is no small task for me. I have spent a little that I probably should have saved, but allowing myself to spend some helps me save the rest. Also, most of what I buy is online, so when I have a large chunk of spare money, I take it out of the bank. Right now, I have $200 cash. When I go out, I leave it at home, tucked away. If it's not in the bank and not in my wallet, I can't spend it. This way, I still have access if an emergency comes up and I NEED it, but it's otherwise unspendable!
    5. Hi guys,
      Thank you so much for these ideas and tips! :love
      I'm going to be getting a B.I.D from Iplehouse and one of their little puppies for my first BJD before moving in to a larger size. So all up I'm going to have to save up at least $600 or more which to me is like a million dollars lol.
      I think I am going to use your suggestions, such as taking the money out of the bank even if it's only ten dollars and putting it somewhere safe in my house. I'm also going to use the notebook idea to write down the dolls personalities and all the details :3 I might even turn it in to my wishlist as I have a few bigger dolls I want to get in the future and already have them in my mind, including my grail doll which I realised only last night was actually my grail doll hehe!
      I'm so excited that I can barely contain myself and I already know I'm going to feel so proud of myself when I save up the money to get them! :celebrate
    6. I'm working two jobs currently and everything I earn from the first job I put away for savings & living expenses and everything I earn from the second job (or any hobby work I do) I let myself spend however I like - it feels very rewarding. I have a hard rule that I'm not allowed to dip into any money from my first job for leisure, which encourages me to not spend at all when I know I'm going to want something pricey soon - even if you're not working two jobs you can just delegate a portion of every paycheck to certain funds for the same effect (I also find writing it down somewhere helps, so the money feels "spent").

      For controlling impulse buy urges whenever I see something new & shiny, I tend to ask myself the following questions: (1) Would I be able to justify this purchase to my parents? and (2) Would I cry if I didn't get this and it went out of stock? If the answer to either of those questions is no I find it a lot easier to skip over small things to save up for the things I really want :)

      Good luck with saving!!
    7. I have a small box with a drawing of the face of the character I wanna turn into a doll. It´s like a piggybank, because everytime I get money I keep it in the box. I only open the box for counting the money, and I keep the track of my savings in a small post-it inside the box. I am only allowed to take money from this box if it´s extremely necessary. I keep the box in a hidden place in my house, and the money is covered by a notebook and some drawings xD

      In order to get money, I help to my family and they give me a little amount of money. I decided to sell loads of videogames I didn´t use anymore, and I even started making drawings and selling them (they´re cheap, but when you do a lot it´s worth the time xD). I would tell you to use your hobbies as a way of earning money and to be creative.

      Everytime I see something that cathes my eye and I wanna buy on the internet, I turn my head to the right,because I have another drawing near my computer x´D At the back of this drawing I have written things like it sculpt, where am I gonna buy the wig, some websites with clothes I like for him... I remember how much I want to get my first doll and I say "Well, maybe this looks good,but I want my doll before it. I don´t like this as much as a BJD" and I keep saving money as if nothing happened.
    8. Yes! I hope that you achieve this because it feels so great once you get the doll and you know all that hard work paid off :)
    9. When you start saving small amounts from every pay it doesn't seem like a lot and unless you're extremely tight for cash, you likely won't miss it. When I started in this hobby, I put $20 off each pay into savings. $40/month isn't a lot, but at the time, there was very little to spare so it was a lot to me at the time. Anytime I had a bit extra, I threw it into my savings. Yes, it took a while to save up, but it also helped set the stage for future doll purchases in that nothing is purchased without cash in hand (so to speak) and it helped me become a very good saver for other things I wanted.

      Like somebody else stated, I also use money from my novels to fund doll purchases as I consider that fun money and I can do what I want with it where my regular paycheque is for the boring stuff like rent/food/internet and the like.

      You could also try the 52 week money challenge. If you complete it, you'll have managed to save $1378 in a year. Basically, on week 1 you put $1 into savings. Week 2 is $2. Week 3 is $3 and so on and so forth. Yes, getting to the higher amounts might be a bit more challenging depending on your financial situation but it's kind of a cool thing to try.
    10. I think that is going to be the hardest part for me. The fact it isn't going to look like much when I first start out :(
      That 52 week challenge sounds amazing, and I could easily adapt it for fortnightly.
      Thank you so much for your help :)