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Best Wig Manufacturers?

May 5, 2011

    1. I love wigs and how perfectly they seem to fit on a doll's head and how seamlessly it suits a doll's personality. But I don't have good wig sites to search for wigs. Wigs are a big part of your BJD life and hobby but do anyone have good wig sites they always go to? Maybe

      Sites with a lot of styles and colors?

      Trusted manufacturers?

      High quality wigs?

      I'm sorry if there is already a thread like this somewhere, but I can't find any so far and I would love wig recommendations. I'm looking for a whitish silver color, 6-7 inches, medium length and slightly curly for a very natural style but so far I can find nothing. :doh Thank you all in advance. :3
    2. I really would recommend For my Doll wigs! They are great quality, such a good feeling to touch! They have a very good range of colours and will also mix colours for you. Very nice customer service, they are always kind and reply fast.
    3. I LOVE JpopDolls.net

      I'm hooked on Japanese Fibre wigs and only rarely do I buy other synthetic
      wigs. They look so natural and real and are incredibly soft. Plus they smell
      great imo XD
    4. My favorite wig manufacturer is Wig Wing. They're located in Korea and they have some really wonderful styles and sizes. They don't have that big of a color selection, but I just love the feel of their fiber and the amazing amount of shine their wigs have in person. If you're one who prefers duller wigs, I wouldn't recommend them because the wigs do have so much shine.
    5. It´s so hard to search the web to find a specific wig. Maybe anyone of you can help? I want the same wig for my D.I.M. Larina as she wears on the DIM homepage. Did anyone see a wig like this anywhere?

      P.S.: Hope this is a topic that fits this thread?
    6. I really like Monique wigs. They are are super soft to touch and great quality. I also like JpopDolls wigs. Again excellent quality - Japanese fibre wigs but they are that bit more expensive especially if you are buying from overseas because of the postage costs etc. As someone mentioned above Formydoll have a very good range of wigs available at affordable prices. You could also check out the cancan-jseries website for a comprehensive range of wigs in various colours and sizes.
    7. Sweet... There are some suggestions I hadn't heard of yet in here. Time to go window shop.