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Best wig shops

Oct 18, 2008

    1. Hi everybody

      Was wondering whether anyone has reccomendations for some good wig shops with variety. I am looking for the more frizzed tibetan lamb sort of wig that I know Tinybear makes for my new narae (cant get into sales forums yet sob). Would appreciate any help
    2. I like Leekeworld most. Their wigs can be imaged in just one word: LOVELY ! :aheartbea They have a big collection of all kinds of wigs, and many color choices. Please visit their site, it is worth it.
    3. www.thesleepingelf.com
      Hiya sweetie the marketplace is restricted for newcommers
      but I do have a web site ..which has ordering form and I sell my limited editions on Etsy
      which I like as I do have some form of market protection too :D

      the marketplace is wonderful ..

      But I have my shops too ...:D
    4. Thanks all for the tips - I have looked at both sites and you are right they are gorgeous! and thanks Tiny! I do so love your wigs :)))
    5. The best shop for me is Leeke i've bougth one for MSD and soon i'll buy one for my Minifée girl. Mine is easy to comb and the colours are so beautiful ^^ (Mine is MilkBrown 25, if you want a photo only have to tell me ^^ )